President George Manneh Oppong Weah.
A president now, once a soccer star. Being the president of the Republic of Liberia it wasn’t a day work, it was a thing he dreamed about and wanted to see it becoming a reality, but he couldn’t push towards his passion of being a leader of a nation without getting a living first. Here’s the thing, President Weah had the opportunity he dreamed of being when he was a child, to be a soccer star, he played and won what almost all Africans soccer players haven’t reached to and is the first and will forever be among many in the record book of soccer to win such awards he got. He started playing professional soccer in 1985, for his first team, Bong Range United, he appeared on the field 2 times and score one goal, his last team was Al Jazira where he appeared 8 times and score 13 goals. He played for his country national team from 1986 – 2018, he appeared 75 times and scored 18 goals, the team he played for most was Monaco, in 1988-1992, he appeared 103 times and scored 43 goals.

He resigned after 18 years of his life playing soccer, and decided to pursue another dream, he went on by registering to be a politician where he entered the position as standard bearer of CDC as presidential candidate which he lost to Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in 2005, he was brave and took the courage again, but Liberian people said he should go and learn book, he did, took his time and became Vice Standard Bearer as a Vice President, again this time he wasn’t successful their party failed again to Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

President George Weah didn’t stop there, he listened to his people call and went for the Senatorial seat of Montserrado County, which he won by 78% vote from the people of Montserrado county against Robert Sirleaf with 11% vote, who happens to be the son of seated president at that time, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, this was in 2014, it was the time of Ebola in Liberia.

President Weah serve in that position till it was time for another election which he came back as standard bearer of the CDC going as presidential candidate and he won in 2017 defeating defeating the incumbent Vice President Joseph Boakai, and sworn in on 22 January 2018. Since then president Weah has been in power, peacefully doing his job and following the will and instructions needed of his people to carrying them though.

His Passion
President Weah through all his years as a young man, playing soccer, he didn’t leave one thing behind, he never stop believing in what he had great passion for, though he didn’t have time to put it to work, but he tried to. He was always seen in support of music, even on stage singing with others, when the president was still a senator he made an awareness song for Ebola in in 2014, when he became president he sang another song for the awareness of Coronavirus, this song was used by the United Nation to spread the awareness of the virus not to be spread throughout Africa. With this he never stopped, he sang several songs, with his voice being mocked at by his people, he didn’t care to noticed the criticism he still did what he has passion for. Few songs he has released. Mama Rita (Happy Birthday) Nimba County 2022 Song (County Meets) Christmas Song, Miss Earth(Wokie Wokie), George Weah (Obe Tokoah), Up Africa, Coronavirus Awareness Song, Mr. Liar Man, Sekou Kalasco Wedding song, and more on the way… he opened a theater and a studio for Liberians but who’s the manager that is killing the name of the studio? That’s the issues at hand.

His contribution to the Liberians entertainment arena has been unmatched and compared but who do handle the affairs of such opportunities is the issue at hand.

He’s a father of six and the current president of the Republic of Liberia. Check for his achievements so you can know the man you are reading about.

Tamba Hali
The records are there, a Liberian that was never known about amongst his Liberian people, he lived half of his life in the United States playing American Football.
Let’s dive into his past a little so you won’t be lost.

Tamba Boimah Hali is a former American football linebacker. He played college football at Pennsylvania State University, where he earned All-American honors, and was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the 2006 NFL Draft.

This 38 years old Liberian is from Gbarnga city, this 6’3” man played for the Kansas City chiefs as a linebacker, Penn State Nittany Lions Football as a defender, and all teams he wore 91 on his jerseys. He played 12 seasons for the Chiefs, second in team history in sacks behind only Hall of Fame linebacker Derrick Thomas. He was released on March 20, 2018. On May 10, 2021, Hali signed a one-day contract with the Chiefs to retire as a member of the team. He has 111.7K followers on Twitter and he’s verified. ✔️

Coming back home he wasn’t known for all of that till he started singing. First he went for the living and later he decided to invest his living into his passion.
Hali passion has put him on the map of Liberia music to be a ghost spender for the betterment of Liberia music, some of which that knows him, compare him to Don Jazzy of Liberia because of his level of speedily contribution to Liberians young artists that have been struggling in the game of music and entertainment.

Tamba lifestyle changed when he took the MIC, he has been on of the artists, let’s say the only artist in Liberia that pay for foreign producer to do almost all his songs, yet nobody knows him like that, he haven’t frowned about that, but he keep pushing and have one of the most and well music videos in Liberia, well mastered songs and story line of his songs are just on the top of it’s unpacked reality. His style of putting on more to his career has not been matched even as he’s now a musician, he has his own link to view all of his songs and videos, He has made 29 music videos and has 5.29 subscribers on YouTube.

Not because of his money, but he’s a down to earth man that wants to grow his passion into sharing with others, he has collaborate and feature few Liberians and foreigners like Faith Vonic, Benji Cavali, Christoph The Change, CIC, Pillz, Geno and MasterKraft. List of few of his songs. PuNa Ni Ni, Oh My Gawd, Girl Like You, Swag, I’m Not Sorry, WHOA, Can’t Get Enough and Yea Yea

He’s the father of one child and she’s a girl, called Sia Hali. His investment to the Liberia entertainment is huge and truly he’s not a boastful person.

With these records you can tell that this man had such passion long time, but he needed a living to help invest into his passion. All those Tamba has worked with has never been the same again, their life has taken another level, the records are there.

Who’s Next can you relate to that have similar lifestyle and is a Liberian?