We Can’t give you the account you need to check in about someone that is already known by “No Money No Friend.” This song got everyone dancing and putting their craft together.

From his first song to the last before this album we all anticipating called “King of the Jungle,” he has been consistent. This album will be out on April 30, 2021, the preorder link will be out on April 16, 2021. I believe many of his fans can’t wait.

Out of the six tracks on the EP, he produced five of the songs. Bennie sound produced one, and Jazzi mixed and master 5.

This is going to be one of his best EP looking at one of the track from on the EP, which is “Maria, that is already hitting all speakers and and entertainment centers. “Home and Beyond” was his first EP that earned him two National awards, making the project the best studio album in 2020, over 800K streams across all platforms with international features on BBC, Apple Music Hot Tracks and Top Afrobeat Playlist.

Click ➡️ Maria to watch the full video

JSlught has been with BeeVonee Recordz for the past two years and his success is already showing through his work as it shows his listening ears and working as a team player is carrying him through.

JSlught added he appreciate all his fans that took their time to get through with the first album “Home and Beyond,” because he saw it was an album that helped with the crisis doing the Corona Virus period, which we still have in the world but not as quarantine as it has been in Liberia when it first hit. In his last speech he said, he sees “King of the Jungle” as one of his best album to come to the public where it will have videos of almost all the songs on the EP.

JSlught and the girl in Maria Video

The EP, “King of the Jungle” has six songs.

Let us wait on JSlught and his team to bring out the jungle power a lion has.

Breaking News
BeeVonne Recordz is that, Muzikal and the female artist they had with them are no longer signed to the record label, they (BeeVonne Recordz) have two male artists and that’s JSlught and Boifatty (this news about his signing has not been brought to the public.

Few images from the EP “King of The Jungle” Press conference

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