Another Liberian girl is winning again. Satta F. Sheriff was awarded Lillian Franklin Diversity Award from her school. She writes:

“Yesterday, I received the Lillian Franklin Diversity Award from my School – Wittenberg University during the Honors Convocation. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be at Wittenberg.”

Satta F. Sheriff holding her Award

Another win for Liberia and this is a big encouragement to females in and out of Liberia to push harder academically that there’s a bigger achievement in their endeavors to be educated academically and it is important.

Let us tell you a bit about Satta F Sheriff. She’s a Activist under the organization called, Action for Justice and Human Right. She’s also working through the SDG’s, work along with the UN and a Peace Ambassador at One Young World.

Satta F. Sheriff at One Young World.

You can follow her on Facebook at Satta F. Sheriff on Instagram at Satta F. Sheriff. Just click on either of the name and you will be directed to her official page.