Nobody can hide a shit smells too long, especially when the fart comes out before the shit. Promoter and influencer Melvin Samukai decides to drop two astonishing pictures of a beautiful lady with no name no blame. Detailing the pictures on his timeline with captions and tags to verify who owns the picture and everything linked down to Tyrese Tarr who’s like a brother to Melvin.

Tyrese has been one of Liberia upraising Promoter and help in motivating young people to stand up for the cause of doing something productive with their time. Opening a group on Facebook that got lot of people attention from the government to every Liberians in and out of Liberia, Tyrese and his team got noticed in no time due to their influence on the web, precisely on Facebook, with Fries FM.

He’s one guy that haven’t shown his love life to the public but that doesn’t mean he’s not into DM’s and Whatsapp messages to get someone to call his own.

Making a huge post like this might drive other ladies from a man that hasn’t officially made it open to the public that he has a particular woman in his life, but Melvin seems to be mad at seeing his best friend not getting a wife by now when life has benefit him among several young men in Liberia, showing that he need to settle and tell the world about his love affairs with this lady. Mentioning another determining man of the soil, Sheikh Ibrahim K. Sackor who’s the fiancĂ© of Michelle Doe, and they are both making family goes as Melvin and his wife. This post just prove they planned this to get Tyrese getting this lady to say “I do,” but do we really think she’s the one that Tyrese has his heart on?

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