Things are getting a little nasty as fans and supporters lash back at Cece Maintain and her super fly boyfriend(Rich Man) for taking a step that doesn’t seem appropriate before the circle of entertainment, especially to those they knew, and proudly decided to help from the beginning. Looking back at what Cece and others have been into, Cece was once ordered to the court in Liberia upon her first arrival back home after 20 years because of the things she said against another lady, this made Cece and her former manager(DJ Weezy) run around Liberia for a hiding place, her former boss was caught and placed behind bars.

Cece is trying to protect her reputation as others have been trying to protect theirs, but her fans are not appreciating her moves, blogs are in the fries and blowing the whole thing out of proportion as another blog lash strongly at Gary The Blogger for taking a side without proper investigation while putting another blogger on track there are inappropriate words used that could sound like a returned message as to what Gary wrote instead of using the common ground to write.

Fans don’t seem happy, Cece Maintain and Her Boyfriend Rich Man need to consider a better way out, as fans request, if Cece and her team continue with this court order she will not be happy with the output from people that loved her. Cece said she has nothing to say in this anymore as all that is to be said was stopped by her boyfriend who says she should not talk and her lawyer as well put a shot to her speaking on the matter on social media. This means the case is going to proceed with or without Cece Maintain approval.

The question here, Is Cece taking the right step, or is she being moved by anger and fame?

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