Guys You Need To Called Rich Guys — Their Characteristics Made Them Rich, Not Their Money​
Tamba Boikai (Tan Tan)

Tan Tan B
He’s good at details, always pushing to the limits of making the oldies but goodies rock at every karaoke, he’s intelligent and friendly. His swagg is always authentic and separated from others, uniqueness is his brand and that’s perfects, he ball in a more refine way like in the early 90’s when the homies were doing their thing, he has friends that are not everyone friend but he’s a true energy at most events. Tan Tan is also the youngest son of former Vice President Joseph Boikai.


Hazem G. Harb (Amb Double H)

Hazem G. Harb 
This is the boss of events planning in Liberia, he’s funny and friendly, welcoming and protective of his events and friends, open hand and always pushing for the best. Hazem vibe to events differently and it spice it up greatly. He’s a good dancer(lol), he dance according to the beat and sometimes to the lyrics(smile). He’s more in love with the hookah, don’t play with that, that’s his first love, you will get in trouble if you smoke it more than him(lol). Hazem don’t mind spending on others to get the vibe he’s in so everyone can be happy, and again, he’s the Boss of too many things that are already known, but please don’t play with his Hookah when you see him at any club, bar, or in his car. Lol. Being the owner of too many events, a radio station and other businesses, Hazem don’t just put his energy in entertainment but he make sure humanitarian runs through his blood to serve others and the less fortunate. Rocking shows and showing up at shows give more vibe that a star is around. 

Koush Wills (MNS)

Koush Wills
The Trapper Manager, he’s the CEO and manager at Money and Salvation, this young man is not too famous in person but when his name is mentioned at any event people be wondering who’s the rich fellow that we been hearing about, he don’t take on table, he take tables at events and don’t zip drinks and drink drinks, that means expensive things are made and all around him. Koush who happens to be famous by name than appearance always get the eyes on him and his guys at any event, he hardly turned up for programs but when he does, he make sure his name is heard and he’s seeing as the true leader of Money and Salvation. 

Lyee Bility (Lyee B/LB)

Lyee Bility
This is the guy everyone try to wonder about, he’s famous, smart and intelligent. His acts are not just of entertainment but making sure everyone follow what he’s doing. Lyee presence at any event is a big boast of it, he’s collaborative and honest with his people, he don’t drink alcohol but he ball like he’s on alcohol (lol), he’s a happy soul and someone that when he get up to dance too many follow cos his style of vibe is not easy to see or come by, money level is a Bility thing so you know. He’s well know as LB, the famous man that fought to make the boring moments of Ebola lost away when he managed to host his first Face of Paynesville and Bilikon Artists Search. He’s young, smart, collaborative and a party guru. 

Djibril Barriei

Djibril Barrie
This is the most generous young man in the entire Montserrado county (if there’s any one else you know mention it in the comment session), that means he’s there at every event to support, he’s called the VVIP, this name/title sound funny, but he’s not always there at the VVIP but his attitudes and contribution to Liberia entertainment and his friends made him very important so he sit in a secure place but walk with everyone, his support at ever event isn’t just cash but in kinds and support is at a 100% level. His style is quiet and he operate as a smooth gentle man that don’t show off, his appearance don’t need to be told about, he’s a fan to celebrities and celebrities are his friends. As a young business man succeeding his father and staying focus to the family dream, Barry show a true leadership when he’s around his peer, sometimes people look at him as “You can’t drink anything on me,” just to keep the party going on.

Jack Samukai

Jack Samukai
What a young and energetic man, famous among his peer and cooperative in so many things, dress to his standard and put his head up around the best he can get. Is he famous? Yes he is, check his table at any event you will know he’s not just good at dressing but putting up at the tables and as well a good spirit person, that means he dance to the sound of a good DJ’s and music, he don’t go and let the party or event take him away he take it away with happiness, always at peace. He has one issues with and that is he don’t ball with disloyal people, he don’t go for the look in friendship but he go forward the heart of a good friend, he don’t mind calling anyone his family, once he sees loyalty from his prospective. Jack is famously know to be the brother of Melvin Samukai, the first Liberian celebrity to knock to an elevator door for those inside to open it (lol, it was a comedy promo).

Jimmy Jarbby

Jimmy Jarbby
If growing up was a thing people could have a change of mind to do, I am sure this man would have like to be where he is now then where he was earlier, like 5 years back in his life. Jimmy has been one of the best male friend to celebrities, he’s now called “Celebrity Friend”, he’s not the dancing type, not the action type but he’s the handsome guy type, gentle man kind, smart looking dude that ladies wanna come at a place just to gaze at him with the thought of, “is this the guy in person we see on social media?”
Again, his friends are all celebrities, he’s the catching eyes among them often. Jimmy is a soccer player that don’t show it out most often, but he’s a good friend to his friends, very supportive and loyal to the bone, he’s always there to collaborate and give ideas about event planning and his ideas are always successful.

Alpha Bah (Oumar Bah)

Alpha Bah
This guy is suppose to be the MC of all programs in Liberia if I were to be asked about this, he’s smart, he’s creative, he’s supportive and he goes for the money more often. Alpha is a blogger and a models as well, he’s designer.

Mr. Bah is known as “Man In Black.” This guy put ladies and gentlemen on their toes when he’s around and not on the MIC, cos he runs Chichipoly room, Alpha is generous and determine, don’t just take his cigarette from him to have a poof (lol, he shares though), this is the most welcoming friend at every event, he dance and drink what he can and walk around to be a friend to everyone, Alpha is not the sleeping type, he ball till there isn’t any balling left for that day or event, but actually he’s a night mover and a top celebrity among his peer.

Alpha made his breakthrough when he decide to bounce back to Monrovia city, when he move over from kakata city where he was working. He’s the brain behind most successful events, but he’s the hush type of being, doesn’t brag cos he go for the payment not the talk to much. 

Sekou Jabateh Oliseh

SEKOU Jabateh
Who can determine a man fate by looking at him. SEKOU is a soccer player and later dropped out and bounce back, but to his country league. Don’t see this man in clubs and think he’s pride and has no time to associate with you, he’s friendly, sharing and caring to all he sees and come across, he’s noted to be the most friendly man at most clubs where people see him, SEKOU is always seen as a soccer star, again he’s famous and not just for the soccer life but for an open arm to all he comes around, don’t test his table, cos he doesn’t sit on one easily, he’s always dancing and standing with friends as they all lecture and dance at any event.

He’s quiet and gentle, never hear him in a fight for any reason, he has a bright smile and a friendly appearance that shows he’s a loyal one that don’t show off what he do for others and himself.