A young woman that doesn’t stop trying to make a positive change in society seems to find it hard to get help out of her family funds where she’s trying to make her dreams come through by helping those who are in some bad state of living with sicknesses that she wishes to help cure through her Humanitarian organization Healing Liberia.

“It’s truly hard to raise money in a country where dreams are killed.” – Benita Urey

Benita Urey – Twitter Post

On Twitter, she wrote a sad post that grabbed the attention of many followers, where few welcome the post as it is a sad thing for a nation like Liberia to always have the young ones crying for hopes in achieving their dreams. Being a wealthy man’s daughter and it seems hard for you to generate revenues to fulfill your dreams seems to be a backward statement, but in Liberia, it is, especially when you have to generate funds to make things happen for your initiative.

Benita Urey writes;

It is a sad truth that no matter who your parents are friends with or do businesses with won’t help you easily, this point out a society struggle for the youngster, a wealthy man daughter cried out, who can’t cry if Mr. Urey’s baby girl did?