How do you erase the memories of Someone that practically taught you everything you know about yourself? How much does it hurt to know that you would be losing the most important part of yourself if you ever try to let them go from your heart? It doesn’t mean you still love them, Is just that their emotional DNA birthed the identity you call yourself and that DNA still keeps that Ex lover in your life even though the relationship is dead and gone. Can we say CIC current girlfriend Fakia Zahara Kiawu is forever stuck with her Ex Boyfriend Bill Cole whom she tattooed his name on her body? This is a trickish one, Her present man and Ex have so much in common. The most obvious one is that both of them are Musicians. CIC is the biggest artist in the country right now because of his new banger! “Congratulations”. Why does Fakia fall for musicians ? Does she still have a tattoo of Bill Cole? Why can’t she tattoo CIC name too if she truly loves him?

Bill Cole and Fakia were two love birds who thought they will soar the sky of love forever. Fakia supported bill cole music career to the fullest, while Bill took her education as his priority thereby paying her school fees. The romance burned with beautiful flames of affection for 4 years, 2011-2015 until when they broke up because of her insecurities, the distance between them and a new boo CIC , who knocked her off her feet with love. There are signs that Fakia hasn’t gotten over Bill Cole? She had a tattoo of his name on her sexy body until her boyfriend demanded that she removed it, making her to replace it with an apple. why didn’t she replace it with her lover’s name? So without her boyfriend forcing her to do it, she would still have the tattoo on her? The fact that she replaced Bill with another musician CIC kind of says that she’s trying to heal with something that broke her heart. Doing that alone just shows that she might be living in the shadows of her past and CIC might just be a tool used to cover her feelings for Bill.

We heard that Bill has an album “Life Line “ this project features Kpanto, artists from Nigeria, India and he might be dropping anytime from now and interestingly there’s a song he wrote for Fakia titled “Hello”. It’s a love song that’s fenced around waiting for your lost love to return to you someday? Hmm! Does it mean that Bill is addicted to the sweet memories of Fakia And wouldn’t let go until she gets tired of CIC and walks away? The coincidence is that one of CIC viral hit songs is also “Hello”. Could this be a cryptic message to Cralorboi CIC from Bill Cole? You know, when a woman can’t get over her ex then the sex was awesome, from her playing the rubber gun styles and Bill being the beast in the room. Actually, it’s very possible that Fakia and Bill aren’t In love with each other no more! There are some relationships you just don’t forget because of the magical feelings you guys shared together. So Bill Cole isn’t a threat to CIC because he must have equally moved on just like Fakia.