Time flies, people grow and things changes. On the contrary, many grow to become successful in what they do for a living while few become better at what they do to survive.The journey of Alpha Omar hasn’t been a one that came with a soft spot for showcasing his talents to the world, but doing so as a blogger.

He’s a hobbyist, a railway modeler, a trainer to many potential young ladies in pageantry in Liberia who have become winners and taken their brand to a higher level. After several years of his involvement in pageantry he decided to switch careers’ path, Omar became a blogger for one of the famous and controversial (at the time) blog called Chichipoly Room where he was in hidden for a very long time till discovered by few friends that took it as a security minded thing to disclose him to the public, that was, when he’s in their surrounding, people started knowing him through social media, that he worked as the blogger for Chichipoly. This actually helped him discover himself in a broader way, whereby people started to pay him off to hold back some great deeds of story from the media which might implicated them through their work, their family and religion.

Alpha grew famous with a circle of some influential women and men, most especially he grew his brand around people that needed him around and this changed his life for the good. Trolling and pulling on things, he never stops being himself till today’s date, he is still noted as Chichipoly Room even though he’s working as just the lead blogger, but he doesn’t own that platform. After growing his brand name, himself and much more, Alpha couldn’t host a pageantry after leaving it for a long period of time, knowing what he desires most, models couldn’t bring it to the table, he had a twist of turn on rebranding himself into a better person, which most people didn’t expect could be a joint of money bringing for his personal gain apart from the brand he’s working under.

He established The Alpha Kitchen. It has been one of the most brilliant idea of the year amongst young entrepreneurs, right on the spot, he beat it all, giving him more edge to celebrate with those he has been trolling on his blog over the years. Alpha beat the game with pleasurable moments that couldn’t be touched by many chiefs in Liberia, his concept stood up high bringing top celebrities every year under the brand of Alpha Kitchen to celebrate the blogger behind Chichipoly Room success of great years of promoting Liberia brands and its influencers, through entertainment, cultural and governance.

Being nominated under one of the most prestigious brand of awards institutes in Liberia, the Liberia Young Achiever Awards – LYA where he was running up against other potential bloggers, it came to a disclosure at the very end of the award he became the winner. It was a taste to the tongue, but it was one that came to the record of that year, as the winner of 2021-2022 blogger of the Year under LYA.

Before the onset of Alpha becoming an award winner, he has been working with not just his brand to get opportunities that will benefit him alone, but has always incorporate bigger and more influential blogs in most activities that he was reached up to in finding who to work with in promoting events and other things.

He’s a man that respect for his job, people, and money. Over the years this man has never back down to defend his image, and this is one of the thing that brought him this far, but Alpha Omar Bah is not that old Bah you knew years back, he’s well branded and more expensive than you can imagine. He’s a good red Carpet host, but as much as he’s a cook and a content writer. Knowing his worth to this country and the entertainment industry has made a lot of businesses flourish and become more vibrant in the business arena, where they make money on the daily once Alpha wears what you ask him to promote.

There are many more you haven’t seen about Alpha Omar Bah, but it will be good you follow him for more.