Many ways to survive in Liberia and thousands of ways to make it as a hustler in the world’s first poorest nation(don’t argue about the poorest part).

Last year in November we wrote about one of Liberia’s upraising artists that took it upon himself to give out his car as a Uber to visitors coming to Liberia. It was something exciting to see, some laughed about it and many took the opportunity to ride with an artist who brought himself to the level of achieving something from his less busy time and keeping some money in his pocket.

Shine Ley Vai Mandingo Boi commonly known as Shine 231 has finally shown the world that you can push your own music game with what you have. Ge gather enough of his work money from the job he was doing and supported his career by getting an EP done on his EP he has some great songs that will change your mind and give you a delightful thought about who he is.

Shine was once a flatmate of Big Brabee Liberia season 2, came out and had to make some changes since he didn’t win through the process to be seen on the bigger screens as the winner, he took his time, recovered from his past, and decided to make a truce with everyone. Shine grew his Instagram followers and got more people listening to him over the past time. He released his EP on April 24, 2022 with the count of Six tracks. The album title is WAY UP

Starting to feel his growth from this EP he’s now called Shine 231. A complete representation of a son of Liberia, using the dialing code to his name as his official brand.

Shine is working on a few kinds of music videos with one of Liberia youngest, smartest, and easy-going video producers Lolly B. You will find see what the music is about and the story behind each.