Cyrus K. Palleh is one of the male models that know how to make money moves. He’s one of iModel model top models, presently working with Techno Liberia. Watch his moves as he dance outdoors without shame and pride.

He posted these words on his timeline. He’s calling this Monday, Motivation Monday.

Back On the Base of Tecno Mobile Liberia

In this life always learn to take proud in whatever you are doing to survive, do it with sincerity and to the best of your ability like ( Shoeshine boy, Taxi driver, Talier, Car loader, Alltion girl, Push push man, Banker, Lawyer, Police officer, Teacher, Capital, House girl, Gate man, President, Nurse, Doctor, Motorcyclist and etc…… ) As you follow this way of life your success is sure 💯% by God power 💪

Thanks for reading hope you copy code from your humble savant #young_cyrezo”

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