E-mansion writes………

Executive Mansion Press Briefing.

Snippets on some of the latest positive news of Government:

***There will be an agreement signed today with The Liberian Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) to renovate the old Gbarnga Central Market, and build a new state of the art Central Market for the people of Bong County. The project is in two forms(Renovation, and construction works)

The renovation work is US$195k, while the construction work is US$300k plus.

***Government will be doing some major renovation works on the Lango Lippaye high school, one of the oldest high schools in Kakata, Margibi County. Part of the renovation works will be constructing additional classrooms.

***The second phase of the Popo Beach estate has started with additional housing units. As I write the snippets of the works that government is doing, the contractors are now on the site doing their jobs.

*** The Duala Market construction work is at a temporary standstill, as there is a minor problem with the engineers. But the matter will be resolved very soon which will give a green light to the contractors to do their work for the new state of the state of the art modern Duala market.

***There is a major renovation work ongoing at the EBK military Barracks which has given hope and relief to our gallant men and women in arm (AFL).

**** The 14 military hospital has been hit with a massive improvement as construction works are being brutally carried out. Portion of this modern military hospital will be dedicated on February 11,2020, a day set aside as Armed Forces Day in the country.

WORLD Bank $40 million Project Preparatory Advance of $3.7 million to be signed at MINISTRY of Finance and Development Planning today at 10 AM .

***The $40 million investment under the World Bank’s Fishery Management Project will convert the mesurado fishing pier into an industrial fishery state of the art Pier.

These are just a snippet of the many great things this government is doing. So I just thought to highlight them for the world to know what this government is doing.

Still posted as I will always make it my business to update you with all of the positive news that you need to know about our dear country, Mama Liberia

Remember now that: “This Government will succeed.”