On Friday, March 26,2021 Meritt Records, a record label involving into show biz management of Artists and promotion of the Liberian Arts and Culture who has been just 11 months old, has signed it’s first Afro-Pop Artist Achie Weah Daniel aka (Lyrical IG).

This signing ceremony between Merrit Records and underground artist & talented engineer, Lyrical IG took effect at the City Garden Bar and restaurant at 10:00Am, today.

Lyrical IG signing his label record deal.

At the signing ceremony, Manager (Sheik Godwin Lagufre) of Merrit Records presented the sum of two & fifty United States Dollars ($250) as equivalent to Forty two thousand, five hundred Liberian dollars (LD$ 42, 500 ) as a signing Bonus on behalf of the management and its CEO, FEJ to talented Afro-Pop Artist, Lyrical IG.

As far one can imagine in the soonest possible time the management of Records Label that signed (PunchieTheZombie) Nine (9) months ago is involving beyond the depth of the ocean and unleashing the ultimatum of discovering new artist.