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Liberia Music Union: Give Democracy A Chance


Finally, the Liberia Music Union will go for elections this year. This might seem like really good news, but here’s the twist: only 22 persons will get a chance to vote. I am not eligible to vote neither does CIC, Grace Hawa WeahChristopherBucky RawBoakaiLyee K Bility and many more of you. The body responsible for conducting election says only 22 persons in the entire country has perfectly matched all the eligibility requirements. This seems really awkward. An election that the entire industry is waiting on will be decided by only 22 persons? Damn!
It easy to blame the people responsible for holding the elections but the burden of responsibility falls more on the major stakeholders in the industry, especially those who participated in elections on the music ticket. Where areBlue, O’Neal, Takun and the wonderful gospel songstress, Kanvee in all this?
DjblueO’Neal RobertsTakun J, and Kanvee Adams owe a whole lot to this industry. They almost earned a seat at the Legislature on the backs of musicians and they amassed popular support because almost everybody thought they had real plans for the industry. They did tell us they had plans for the industry but it feels like they easily forgot this plan after the elections.
This election is crucial to the survival of the industry. It is the election of our lives. Influential people with plans for the industry will have to halt the passiveness and engage the process, to ensure that whoever wins, receives a popular mandate.
A person can only lead when others accept the Individual as their leader, and he/ she has only as much authority as their subjects given. All of the brilliant ideas in the world cannot save a kingdom if no one will listen to them. Howbeit, The risk of having elections with 22 voters is that those elected will not have popular support and hence will be powerless to effect real change. Another risk is that people will have an easy ability to forge an alternative music union, splitting the industry in half and then we all fail together. People don’t take the industry seriously because they really do think we are an unserious bunch. We got to prove them wrong by holding a fair process where everybody will have an equal chance at participation.

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Not Making Anything Lazy- DenG Might be Counting More Mula…

This saying has spread since DenG came up with the lyrics in his recent or one of his latest music. Now we see big GSM company like Orange taking the slogan as well. They are not making party lazy.

Guess DenG got some paid for this great lines that was taking from his music. This means business for the artist, just hope it is not a free line they are using. Money must be in the bank for artist lyrics being used on companies billboard or flyers.

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Stone LuckShine lashes at Kizzy W for producing a mess.

A artist and a producer as Kizzy W is known to be, produce great songs and beats for other artists. After the most disturbing music from Revoluxion and SkinnyBoy Kpanto called “Trouble” this became a total trouble in the whole country, looking at two young artists insulting their mothers and father like they have no respect for the society. This song beat was done by Kizzy W and produce by Kizzy W and Afoe Doe.

This raise concern recently when Stone Lucskine comment under Kizzy W post and this was his respond.

“Let me make this clear concerning my response to Newton Kizzy W Woyeh comment under my post…… Kizzy said “the more you put out negative vibes the more you fail and loose fan” it’s was base upon that I replied to his comment……. I said I can’t produce that shit you produced…… I was referring to a particular song…….. I think I should be telling kizzy that……. After they produced that trash for Kpanto and Revoluxon Rocky……… everyone knows Kizzy is good no doubt………

For the record my post wasn’t for a particular person but it was meant for all those that are in the habit of doing such madness…… you know #Truth_Hurts…….

I don’t call myself the best I allow my work to speak for me…….

Go ahead and say I’m not the best ooh yeah you are entitled to your opinion like anyone else…….

But know one thing, I will continue to talk against the ills in our society……. you can be who once you are involved in negatives I will be on your back no matter what……… #LBM_all_day. #infinity_Records

Don’t get scare becuz I started working again na……… I’m back 😆 😆 😆 😆

This is a going to get things rough around here. Looking at Kizzy W we know he’s not going to leave StoneLuckshine to get away with this. Let’s wait and see what happen next. Guess this war gonna go in music and Kizzy W gonna use his instrument “Revoluxion to fight this war.