At this point, we must look at the ladies that conquer the fear of the media while involving themselves with entertainment. At this point, anyone could stand back and never wish to move forward with their dream but these three ladies stood up and brand themselves with all the necessary efforts they could put in. Last year, 2019 it was one of the most troubling years for three ladies I saw in the whole entertainment industry, these ladies were so focused on branding others as well as making their brand stand too. Here are the piece and bit of what the viewer never knew about them in detail.

Audrey Mamie Adam

Audrey Mamie Adam (The Most Talked About), she brands herself with her own media outlet, called Wow News Media which presently have 9,237 followers on Facebook, she built a website linking it to all social media platforms, WOW Newz Media Website. She took the country by surprise and made sure that things were placed in order as she wanted it to be from her own blog to her talent hunt. Audrey stormed the country with a talent hun, giving out cash prizes of five hundred united state dollars to each winners, this was one of the first of its kind to happen in Monrovia in the entertainment sector, among all female entertainers she was the first to take this stand.

She’s in an open relationship with one of Liberia renowned radio DJ and the first entertainer to ever tattoo HIPCO on his back, he lately on December 31, 2019 told the whole entertainment industry that, “HIPCO isn’t worth dying for!” he linked this statement from Basee Mokopala.

Fanta Konneh

Fanta Konneh who happens to be a boss and one of Liberia easy going female bloggers that got her name all messed up with relationship status from several guys. Fanta is the CEO of LIB Star By FK this page carries 16,186 followers on Facebook. This lady is base in Norway where she opens this platform to promote and help Liberian artists and entertainers, in general, get their arts across the world through the best way she can.

Fanta happened to get a bigger and more unique way to carry herself in getting the fans to follow artists to the end of the world, she got attached to one of Liberia promising duo artist from the group, PCK & L’ Frankie who’s signed artists of Naymo Record, she decided to take one person from the group to brand in her own style as her boyfriend. L’Frankie and Fanta played the boyfriend and girlfriend role for a year where even living together when she landed in Liberia in 2019, planned their wedding and made their stunt believable for the fans, her name was one of the most trending names in all ways of life, and later she give another artist the biggest stunt of all time as she broke out of the relationship with Frankie and grabs on with Showkiller Boifatty where their relationship went everywhere in less time;

this was the stunt of 2019 ending. Fanta who happens to be single as ever but was branding herself to what Liberians desire most came out successful and made sure her style worked out wellas she wanted it to be. She’s well known by Gossip Liberia to be the lady that gives out the best stunt every in the entire entertainment industry to boost artist up through her unique style of putting her name on the media and gaining more fans for her and her fake lovers.

Suzan Gbangaye

Suzan Gbangaye is the last of all the most successful female celebrities that came through in 2019 and this first-ever in the entire entertainment industry when it comes to her energy to hold up the insults and bad-mouthing as well as stand mockery from fans and others who have no interest in what she does. Starting her career with her first online platform which happens to be The Gees.Lib which carries 20,005 followers, she was totally soft and could not stand the heat that was coming at her from every side of life in the industry, Suzan was way too emotional at first, sometimes cry and cut off her live interview or talk shows, sometimes refused to attend events she was invited to. Suzan was the first female blogger that took an arrest at the Robert International Airport when she made a statement that never went down well with CIC (cralorboiCic) and the entire SOG Empire on the death of the late Quincy B. Her relationship that brought her to Liberia was the one she got in with Stone Luckshine, one of Liberia first and most awarded producer ever.

Stone never let his lady down, he stood by her through the fight and later became a hero among others who never understood him for what he was doing to stand up for what his pretty lady got involved in. Suzan is now into political blogging more than entertainment, and she stands strong to be corrected always, never to be ashamed of what she’s doing, she keeps pushing her way through and to be honest she’s looked at from a standpoint to be the bravest female entertainer ever in the history of Liberia entertainment and social media personality among the ladies.