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President George M. Weah first year achievements!

President George Weah first year achievements in office is far greater than any other president first year in office in the history of Liberia. Come and counter it with facts.

Just to name few of his achievements.

For example:

1. The rescue of D. Tweh memorial high school,

2. The complete reconditioning of JFK medical laboratory,

3. The construction of Doe community Road,

4. The construction of the Logan Town Broad Street Road connecting Jamica Road,

5. The Building 108 unit housing for low income earners,

6. the building for it first of it kind the 14 Military Hospital,

7. The construction of the Gbanga Broad Street Road,

8. The construction of Buchanan fair ground road,

9. The placement of 2000 medical staffs on government payroll

10. Free education of all public universities in Liberia.

11. The sending of 15 medical students for foreign studies in various fields

12. The construction of the chuboy Road

13. The office 5 best students in the just ended WAEC for four years studies each

14. The establishment of a complete computer laboratory at the University of Liberia and the digitalization of registration.

15. The payment of all WAEC fees for all students in 2018.

16. The re-roofing of our people roofs in the Gibraltar community.

17. A solid foundation of fighting corruption with the arrest of a sitting Managing director for bribery.

18. With war been declared on drugs in Liberia as huge quantity of drugs now been arrested .

19. The allocation of funds for the completion of the new RIA Terminal.

20. The construction of Street lights from Duala to St. Paul Bridge.

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Thomas Quiwonkpa And The Coup That Failed, This Day in History

Liberians woke up in the early Tuesday morning hours of November 12, 1985 to the voice of Thomas Quiwonkpa who announced that he had toppled the government of Samuel Kanyon Doe.

Quiwonkpa was one of the original members of the successful April 12, 1980 coup d’etat that brought Master Sargeant Samuel Kanyon Doe to power and ended decades of Americo-Liberian rule – and the reign of late President William R. Tolbert.
One month after the coup, Doe announced the arrest of AFL commander-in-chief Edwin Lloyd and other military leaders on charges of planning a counter-coup and by May Quiwonkpa was proclaimed a major general and made the new AFL commander.

Quiwonkpa would later change his rank to Brigadier General which paved the way for his fallout from Doe. In 1983, Quiwonkpa was demoted and subsequently charged with an attempt to overthrow the Doe administration, forcing him to flee the country.

Two years later, on 12 November 1985, one month after Doe won a disputed elections that completed his transition from a military man to a civilian president, Quiwonkpa, supported by about two dozen heavily armed men, covertly entered Liberia through Sierra Leone, and launched a coup against Doe.

The coup was shortlived as many accused Quiwonkpa of waving a white flag in a bid to oust Doe. Others pointed to the lack of support and the strongman’s unorthodox methods as key reasons why Doe was able to regroup and foil the coup.

Quiwonkpa was captured and on November 15 was and mutilated by soldiers loyal to Doe. His killers reportedly dismembered and publicly exhibited the remains on the grounds of the Executive Mansion in Monrovia soon after his death.

Born in the town of Zurlay in 1955, Quiwonkpa was the son of a subsistence farmer. At the age of sixteen, he joined the AFL. After finishing high school in 1978 through a programme at the Barclay Training Center, he received an assignment to the AFL’s records department.

In a campaign of retribution against the coup plotters and their supporters, Doe’s government launched a bloody purge against the Gio and Mano ethnic groups in Quiwonkpa’s Nimba County, raising alarm about a possible genocide. Doe’s slaughter of an estimated 3,000 people provoked ethnic rivalries that later fuelled the First Liberian Civil War.

Reference: Liberia News Junction

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President Weah throws blames again at the Just ended government

And so the long-awaited speech was delivered from our beloved president who urged the nation to remain calm and patience in hope of the Pro poor agenda to be implemented with its developmental strategies for a better Liberia.

Part of his address he threw light on the problems confronting the government he inherited from our previous leadership while addressing this, he made another promise to empower Liberian-owned businesses by telling the nation how he intends to encourage and empower Liberian businessmen and all Liberian-owned businesses to lead the transformation of our beloved country economy.

“One week after my Inauguration, I was required to fulfill a constitutional mandate to report to the country on the State of the Nation. You will recall that during that first Annual Message, I candidly described the poor state of affairs of the economy which my Administration had inherited.” – President Weah

In his address he mandated the Central Bank of Liberia to insure that they supervise and regulate money-changers and conduct a comprehensive review of regulations on the hoarding of both Liberian dollar and U.S. dollars out side the banking system.