Sound of greatness and sound of pleasures make anyone feel their presence in a song. Liberians linking up with the world is a big deal to expose the country’s arts and tourism sectors. As entertainment struggles on the low key to growing, the youths are making links possible that will help boost their endeavors.
Rosha Soul, a Liberian soul & RnB artist is in a big link up with one of the world’s most influential female artists, Alicia Keys.

With their recent conversation being checked and observed you are sure that Alicia is not just making a comment reply to all her commenters but she has a special interest in this artist from West Africa, to be exact, from Liberia.
Screenshot of emails and social media dialogues are below.

Rosha started her career at an early age in the church and her present path to greatness has led her to many places. She was featured on a song which she took the lead, this was a song against rape called โ€œSay Noโ€ featuring Smilez, Naomi, Liliane, Ballout, and Rosha Soul. She did a virtual appearance in Nigeria for this song. (See video below).

Following Rosha give your the vibe to live soul and RnB music completely. Sheโ€™s talented, gives out smiles of happiness, and also welcoming a new idea.

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