In a male-dominated Liberian music industry, DJ Weezy is making waves by signing a new female artist, Bescy, to his record label ‘Weezy Army.’ The announcement marks a significant step towards promoting gender equality in an industry that has been slow to embrace change.

DJ Weezy, a prominent figure in the music scene, expressed his enthusiasm for Bescy, stating, “Weezy Army is pleased to welcome sensational Female Artist ‘Bescy’ to the family. Her sweet melody and distinct style were enough to seal the deal with the Media, Promotion, and Management Company.”

This move by DJ Weezy raises questions about Bescy’s potential success compared to other active female artists like MC Caro, Faith Vonic, and Anitram. While these artists have established themselves in the industry, Bescy’s unique sound and approach may carve out a niche for her.

The Liberian music industry has seen both successes and challenges for female artists. DJ Weezy’s commitment to supporting Bescy suggests a positive shift towards providing more opportunities for talented women in the scene.

As the branding journey begins for Bescy, the spotlight will be on her ability to break the internet and captivate media attention. Only time will reveal if she follows the footsteps of successful female artists or faces challenges akin to those who fell from their own lyrical heights.

The industry’s dynamics and Bescy’s connection with her audience will be critical factors in determining her trajectory. As the music community eagerly awaits her debut, the stage is set for Bescy to make her mark and contribute to a more inclusive and diverse Liberian music landscape.