‘Zogos and Zoges’ seem to have had enough of the falsehood spreading against them and they have fired nameless actions against the Liberia National Police.

In the press statement, the National Union of Zogos in Liberia claims they have more force than the LNP.

The union further said they are not subject for the death of countless of Liberians at a recent church stampede in New Kru Town and gave the Police Commander, Patrick Sudue a 24-hour ultimatum to say sorry and release their friends from jail.

Read below what they said:

“Monrovia, Liberia ( January 26, 2022)– Fellow citizens, car loaders, and Motta takers, thousands of disadvantaged youths scattered across the country, Ladies and gentlemen of the press, one and all.
(NUZOL), Demands the immediate release of its peaceful members.

It is with deep regret our nation mourns the death of 30-persons at a church stampede in New Kru Town, we will like to pay homage to our falling brothers and sisters who kicked the bucket in reach of miracles due to industrialized poverty in the Country.

According to the worldwide Mission Outreach research and aid programs statistics as of 2021, there are 36,000 zogos and zoges currently in Montserrado County alone. While 82,000 others in the rest of the 14-counties I greet you all.

Note that our men numerical strength
surpasses your 2,500 geapping police officers.

Ladies and gentlemen of the press, it is inherently saddened and frustrating to hear one Patrick Sudu Inspector General of Police blaming zogos for the death of those innocent people.

Mr. Police big man, your allegations that we (zogos) caused the stampede is not just false and misleading, but it is a well-calculated lie from all the ghettos operated by Police officers in the Country and intended to derail the hard-earned contribution zogos are making to the economy.

We want to let you know Mr. Police man, that during the time of the Crusade our men were never around the premises of the D-Tweh field due to the presence of security officers of the Pastor and Police officers from the Kru Town Police Department.

We also want to state that, at no time did we invade any crusade or worship ground.

Mr. Suddu you are a pathological and certified public lair, we also give you a 24-hour ultimatum to apologize and conventionally release our colleagues your muppets arrested or face our unspecified actions both against citizens and your malnourished police officers.

This Country belongs to us too, fake policeman.

If you are not aware Mr. Liar man, your men, and women usually get high with us, sent some of us on operations, they even sell our businesses, if you don’t desist from getting at us Mr. IG, we will expose all of your men that are doing armed robbery business with us.

Over the years, you people have used our silence to ride us like donkeys, killed us like chickens, and neglect some of our many compatriots. This time you people have across the pink line.

For your information, the car loading industry contributes 4-million annually to the country’s economy less to say the weed sector.

What does LNP contribute to the economy Mr man? Do you have police before mysterious death is like minutes boys in the city, you have police before crazy man entered the President bedroom? you have police before 3 boys got missing from the hands of St.Moses you can’t find them? You have Police before 4 auditors kissed death you can conclude the matter? Fine place and kak!

My fellow citizens, those citizens who passed away had gone in serious search of miracles, like a financial breakthrough, traveling, visa, husband or wife, job, or healing among others. As it is written in the Bible Psalm 122:1, I was glad when they said to me let us go in the house of the Lord. It is a great joy to die in the house of God and not at nightclubs, or ghettos or homes, we should not take blame me for their deaths.

If we invaded the Church gathering, why didn’t we take away the offering buckets, why didn’t we take the generators and other valuable things? Don’t lie on us. Why nothing happen to the Pastor and the offering baskets?

To end with, we are also disappointed in our President, who stood down there for 2 hours plus, saying he was giving a speech without mentioning what is in the budget for us. No detox Center, rehabilitation, and reintegration program plan for us, Do you think our lives tie to loading cars, jerking phones, and picking pockets? We need change Mr. Musical Jorweah.

You need to respect yourself and go put us in that budget photo with not less than 5-million.

Thanks, may God Bless all zogos and zoges as they go hustle each day.”

📷: @Drunken-News