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”Your Wonder Why Too Much Unserious Youth” – MC Caro Questioned Liberian Parents


This is a fact. The cause of this from most Liberian parents is resulting from either one parenting and it mostly comes from the mother side because the mother is always left with the child or children to take care of, in most cases single parenting is on the mother side. You find out that single mothers in Liberia are often throwing insults on their child/children and they often swear these children out of personal issues from their past, even though the child has to do something wrong or on pleasant to them be before the parent say such unproductive statement. It is wrong to do such, you find out half of the population in Liberia are Christians and most of the worshipers are woman but they refuse to read the passage that talks about your mouth is your spiritual weapon.

MC Caro actually spotted out a big issue that has been the down fall of most young people in Liberia and among Liberians around the world, but it is taken lightly by the children because they don’t know the level of weight it has on them in the future. Words are weapon and swearing your own child and later forgetting you did so leads them to things you never actually wish for them but you did out of anger due to what they might have done or your past led you to in getting them. Most Liberians parents have been the cause of many things they don’t have clue to that has happened to their children, only because they said things that they had no right saying at that time.

Post from MC Caro on Twitter

They use words like “unless,” only if,” “you will see,” “nothing good will come out of you,” “da me born you, you will see,” “the way you treat me it will come back to you ten times,” “just how you don’t love me nobody will love you,” “you will be like your useless father,” “you useless like your mother,” “you will see!” “God will bless you my child(in a painful way like curse )” “Your Children Will Do more to you,” “what you looking you will not get it if I can’t be happy.”

They say too much that they don’t remember and they don’t know how to retake. This is a serious matter, what is the cause of this that most children get this from their parents and they sometimes run away from the homes due to such statement made by their parents, it bothers them and sometimes these children refuse to associate themselves with their biological parents because all they do is put swear upon them, either due to transfer anger from the other parent or because of some issues that aren’t right between the child and parent.

But do you actually think such sweet works if the child is innocent to the swear coming from the parent?


  1. There are genuine reasons to prove parents are responsible for many useless youths today, and there are also genuine reasons to prove they’re not to blame; but I blame parents for this.
    Some children will hurt em parents to the point that the parent will say negative things outta anger that would affect that child sooner or later, but then they will go secretly and ask God for forgiveness having the faith that what they said would be erased out of a sudden.
    “Nothing good will come from out of you”
    I believe this statement is familiar.
    Now, parents will say this to their children over and over, at the same time praying to God for forgiveness and believing God will erase that saying over and over; it’s like committing the same sin repeatedly and asking God to forgive you also.
    Why would parents even pray against negative things they say to their children when they know say their mouth na Bible?
    They believe it can happen that’s why they pray against it.

    leh nen pray gugu, everybody will na spoil..


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