The Liberia industry is full of drama instead of more creative moves. The All Liberian Music Feast which was organized sometimes last year was a success based on its first time hosting such a big program that is intended to bring all Liberian musicians, and fans together. This program is one of it’s kind in Liberia and it is organized by UPROK Events for which is CEO by T Mark Slak Korpu, the brain behind it all. He’s young and focuses to make his dreams come through, his peer called him Billi which is for Billionaire.

Karishma and Double H

Recently Karishma has been posting about the new artist she about to sign, asking anyone to guess the artist name and win scratch cards. It is not a strange thing anymore as Boifatty is the artist that she has an eye on to sign to her brand. Karishma sometime last year was working with almost everyone last year and year before last. but this year, 2020, she’s no longer interested in anyone but seems to be getting hard on everyone as she slammed a shot on the bloggers first and now she’s going at event planners, for which when she was doing events she and one of the oldest and most successful

event planner were not friends, his name is commonly known as Double H, recently they settled their differences when she hosted him on her radio interview a day ago. How good does this look?

After TMark wrote a status referring to what Karishma been posting, she came back at him calling him ”Fat FuFu Wasted Body!!” She even came more personal as to how he’s owing few people the sum of $2000.00 United States Dollars. Here’s what she wrote:

They replied to each other. The messages are clear to see they are not in a good relationship anymore.

This could have been just something easy to approach but they took it to social media and here’s what TMark wrote:

This was after the mean post he made got Kariahma upset with him, he wrote two possible posts that turned her on and made her called him Fat Fufu stomach:

This is another drama that we seeing, TMark is still an event planner and an organizer to most programs in Liberia, while Karishma is now a radio talk show host, she was well known sometimes last year as Her Royal Highness Event PR, but since this year 2020 started we are nothing like that, we see no events from her and no karaoke nights, she’s more focus on the radio and now getting an artist sign to her brand, Her Royal Highness Ent!