Young Alex commonly known as Jackie Ross in the Liberia industry can’t just do with images and videos that don’t make the name of bigger artists speak volumes for their output the kind of quality works they desire. A few days ago, TeddyRide shot a video and at the scene, he (TeddyRide) took a personal photographer on a standpoint to get behind the scene photo as to give him a perfect boost for the media to see what’s coming. As an award winner for best video in 2018, he’s just not too happy to see bad work and images flowing from the industry, but is he actually doing this for a reason?

The picture went around through every social platform, but it seems the response from some quality photographer and ideography bash back at the coloring and footage. Jackie could not hold his peace; he drops an indirect message to Tenneh Johnson studio, that for which is a big throw on Alvin Johnson, who’s the owner of that studio; it sounded harsh but let see the post below.

Everyone knows who to give credits to and he never stops there but took the same chance to put out a beautiful line, as he congratulates two photographers based in Liberia for their great work.

Tenneh Johnson studio has been around for years and keeps pushing with beautiful images. They just can’t stop putting out pictures that speak volume, is it that the pictures where played with from other apps through the device are sent to or before uploading to the media’s it was touch by the poster base on their own descriptive method they wish they could see the picture to be looked at?

Let us see the images that our Young Alex is referring to indirectly.

What do you have to say to this?

Zagalogo video shot by TeddyRide is up next, so you think this coloring will affect the video production? That’s another thing to see but before we start judging the producer to the photographer and the makeup artist like us see how TeddyRide handle this with care because this will bring more his work more pride, he (TeddyRide) listed everyone below.