The internet is flowing with numbers and percent as 99% and 1%.

Having a sexual orientation for the same kind of gender is refered to as being Gay. People ask questions about this most time and wonder why people will want to have sex with the same gender when it seems forbidden by great religious books, like the Holy Bible and The Holy Quran as well as other religious books, but human rights activist and advocates have seen that it has nothing to do with how people live their separate lives.

A Liberian woman adapted a young lady that just won the America idol with the most called and mentioned name on the internet among Liberians, called Just Sam, also known as Samantha Diaz openly said she’s a Lesbian, a lot of people said, they were proud of her to say it out, that she’s the first Liberian female to come out and say it, but they forgot her orientation as well as her county, this might have push Tarus P. Cole to have the mind to open up as being a gay, telling the whole world, not just that, he said more…

Gays are not treated well in most part of Africa because of their boldness and many people believes that is a sin and is actually heavier then any other sin, like the Sodom and Gomorra fall from the Bible Story. Let this draw your attention back to normal days we see ourselves in, like watching movies, some people see gay acts in it they refuse to watch, but that’s a means to sell the movie to more and don’t want to discriminate people’s sex life, it’s all form of not discriminating people’s way of life or sex life.

Tarus pictures that made people saw him as gay at first

Let us draw the curtain down to Liberia, a West African Nation, a Nation that was label to be founded on a Christian principal because its constitution were signed in the church, even though there were other tribes(that believes in different ways of worship) and people that serve other gods and has different beliefs, but the fact remains, it was singed that way. This affecting the nation in a positive way, has drawn down to where everyone born in Liberia claims they are Christians, even if they are not baptized they say they they are Christ-Like because Liberia is a Christian nation, but it was as well cleared that Liberia is a secular nation, looking at the nations that are secular, Liberia comes 30 on the list in Africa.

Liberia is a county where people don’t appreciate gays, they’re actually in numbers that don’t like gays, either they exempt themselves from you, or they get you away from them. In Liberia people don’t know a gay till you say you are, they might only identify you as a gay base on your appearance, physical attributes, talking, walking, dressing and other things that make a man act like a woman. People will have doubt on you if you just act like a girl, they will call you a gay, but when you come out to say you are a gay and advocate for gay rights, you become a target and this won’t even end well with you if things are not put in place soon enough to ensure your safety.

Tarus P. Cole who’s a model and a fashion designer, openly told the world about his sex life and he’s proud to speak that out, in an interview he said 99% of Liberian men are gay and as well most of his female friends are lesbians, even married ones as well.

This was the statement that caught the attention of everyone, he actually never expected this to come out as it has already blasted through the internet, being a gay, people already knew he is a gay, so saying it won’t be an issue, but saying his friends, even females he’s friends with, almost all of them are lesbians means a lot.

Tarus in Actions

This draw attentions to every Liberians, if just 1% of men are gay in Liberia based on what a gay said, that means just 1% is straight men, looking at Tarus who’s also friendly with a lot of female, this made men think different about their wives, for which most ladies are friends because they are having sex with each other.

The internet broke silence to see nobody is sure who’s who again.

In a short interview on a messenger chat, Tarus said, he never meant all men in Liberia, he said. “I didn’t said Liberian men’s are gay, I said 99% of the the Liberian man who bully me are gay.”

This is the statement that made him wrong before everyone, he’s trying to make everyone understand what he meant, but will they listen to him now?

Friends and business partners are drawing back from Tarus because of his statement, nobody wants to be looked at as a gay when they are not, his statement might have already ruin his career, though his decision to speak his mind about being gay is his choice, referring to people around him as lesbian and 99% men are gay have changed a lot about him in hours.

Here’s the video of Tarus on the interview. A short part that need to make him understand what he said and how people took it.

If Tarus is to stay in Liberia he’s afraid for his safety and also will anyone want to work with him base on his profession and career?

A lot of people are Heterosexuality in the world then being Gay, for most people that don’t know this, LGBT:Abbreviation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. An umbrella term used to refer to the community as a whole.

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