Yesterday was an amazing day to witness the Misses of Liberia receiving their cars, Miss Liberia, Miss Veralyn Vonleh (Miss Rivercess) 1st Runnerup Miss Kindness Wilson (Miss Grand Gedeh), and 2nd Runner Up Miss Joicet Jart (Miss Grand Capemount) came through yesterday receiving their cars. Three cars were presented Yesterday, February 10, 2022, to three ladies. Though it took them some patience and endurance to have it all set up for the date on which they got their cars, but yesterday was a day of history to see after so many years the organizers of the just-ended Miss Liberia fulfilling one of their most important presents.

Miss Liberia, Miss Veralyn Vonleh in the spotlight has been doing some extra things under the partnership of XL-Entertainment. At the presentation of their cars, Miss Veralyn gave a remarkable speech to the organizer of Miss Liberia and all its partners that organized the occasion which crowned her as queen, making her one of the most important ladies in the country with distinction.

Staying true to their word and promises made, XL-ENTERTAINMENT took a lot of lashes on social media after several months when the fans and supporters couldn’t see what was being said or promised to the queens, but yesterday was the day that all promises were brought before the eyes of the Liberian people, which clearly state that it wasn’t just a car that they had to give, but Miss Liberia had a trip which was sponsored under the banner of XL-ENTERTAINMENT by one of the partners of the show which enables her to travel to Ghana for several days to meet up with other queens in Ghana. Below is the speech said by Miss Liberia at the package presentation. She said

Good day, HONORABLE MINISTERS, my esteemed and royal queens, my fellow Liberians, and Ladies and gentlemen of the fourth estate. I am pleased to be here today as Miss Liberia. An honor that I’ve dreamed of my entire life. An opportunity to serve Liberia and the less fortunate As I stand before you, as Miss Liberia, an ambassador for Liberia and Rivercess County, I pledge my service and support to all positive actions in and out of Liberia

I wish to thank the government of Liberia and XL-ENTERTAINMENT for all of the support and guidance
I wish to thank our brand sponsors and partners for being with me.

Thank you Tsingtao and Wilson and Elias Antoune Motors Renault Garage. My reign as Miss Liberia is one of service I have not made enormous publicity around what I’ve done, but I have quietly with my foundation and partnership with esteemed friends of Liberia such as Jeety, been quietly working to help the less fortunate Add, over the coming months as I prepare for Miss World I will unveil and publicly address my activities and engage the public and the press as to my activities and engagements. Thank you and as I will be engaging later, I will decline questions for now.

It was a success, in the pictures album below you see Assistant Minister of Tourism Miss Princess Tokonlon, and other big hands surrounding the progress of Miss Liberia 2022-2023.

With this being said, it is a big plus to see the name or list of all the partners of this 2022-2023 Miss Liberia, here is a full list of them:

The office of the Presidency, Nasscorp, naafa, IB Bank, LTC, Flawless BODY by Park, Liberia Tourism Association,
1. Mwetana
2. Ticket Pekin
3. Ministry of Information, Cultural and Tourism
4. Petro Trade
5. Eagle Electrical Corporation
6. Flawless Body by Park
7. Renault
8. National Fisheries & Aquaculture Authority
9. Club Beer
10. Orange Liberia
12. Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA)
13. Bravo Mineral Water
14. eWallie
15. Lonestar Cell MTN
16. DTSV
17. Tamma Tv
18. Sister Aid Liberia
19. TipMe
20. iCampus
21. Champion Design
24. Monrovia City Corporation
25. Boulevard Palace
27. AY Tv
28. Liberian Registry
29. Twister Lounge
30. Afrishion
31. Greenfield Liberia
33. Juju Africa Tv & Radio
34. Smart City Liberia
35. Libassa
36. Capital FM
37. WellNess Partners
38. Love Weah Production
39. AfricShion
40. Evergreen Natural Juices
41. Glam by Tutu
42. T’s Twist
43. Roxy’s Tie & Dye
44. P Suit Wears
45. Lap Sport’s Wear
46. S N S
47. FLY
48. Liberia Tourism Association
49. Tsingtao
50. winners
51. TipMe

From the Look of things, you can see that all of the queens went home with happiness and a good vibe. XL- Entertainment has made it possible for the reign of Miss Liberia 2022-2023 to be a successful one so far with all that has been put into place. She will be going for Miss World soon, where she will represent Liberia to the fullest. Well done to the Ministry of Information Culture and Tourism.

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