The sick part about life amongst youths is called PI. let us look at what PI means in this writing before we conclude to the heading of this article.

Peer influence is when you choose to do something you wouldn’t otherwise do, because you want to feel accepted and valued by your friends… But peer influence is a better way to describe how teenagers’ behavior is shaped by wanting to feel they belong to a group of friends or peers.
With the explanation above you know what is coming up next.

Liberia they say is a country blessed with talented young people, but there’s no support for their talents to be shown to the world or let say it can’t be shown at all because the society don’t value their talents even if they show it out by themselves without any or external support system getting involved.

In the year 2017 Liberian lost a soul that touched and change the surface of entertainment in particular the musical industry to be precise. Quincy B was one of the most talented young man that never stop believing in himself and pushing his way through even when he never had a good number of Liberians to called his fan. At an early age he started singing, having great courage to bring other young people around him in helping them to be a great artist through the help he could render on his own as to make their beats and help with lyrics compositions which helped in balancing their dreams and desire to get what they want through making music.

Quincy B had three friends that were much closer to him, ones he celebrates with, walked with, and had some secret chats with. These guys were not actually known to the public on by themselves till they had some direct contact and friendship with Quincy B, they were only known by their family and few mates around their community, but Quincy B turned to be the light that showcase them in a different and better way.


Classic who’s seen as his (Quincy B) brother, everyone got to know him as Quincy B brother, as his oldest brother, someone that Quincy do listen to even if they had issues outside their family lane, Classic was always there to put Quincy back on track making decisions for the both of them. Couple of times, rumors spread that Classic and Quincy were not cool friends for some misunderstanding that resulted to how he took others over him and those friends he had around him that Classic were not cool with, as the rumors continue to spread, he Quincy was not even talking to Classic till his death.

Classic was one of the label record (Heart Beat) the best rapper and his name was popping out in places but since the death of Quincy a lot of change, let us read about the next person…


Jethro who was lately known as Quincy B roommate and a friend that hardly went out with Quincy. Jethro was not really seen out often with the late Quincy B, but he was in the circle of his buddies and a roommate last minute to time before his (Quincy B) death. Jethro’s style of music was hitting everywhere in the country, he and the rest of the guys had fun till the death of Quincy B blew out the whole show, but this never stopped them from getting the fans
They needed, the death of their best friend give them more fame and made them popular like stars that will never be broke again, or stars that will get rich from what they learned best.

They got the opportunity to travel and study in Ghana, learning to be sound engineers. This was an opportunity for Jethro and Classic, but who’s the last friend people almost felt he was the one that died in the crash due to his height?


Feouls who was the youngest and tallest of all, came into the music game after he became friends with a musician and a true one that knew more about singing, producing his own beats and mastering his own songs. Feouls and Quincy friendship grew so fast that they started moving together and even sharing things in coming(Not cloths or shoes, because Feouls has no size that would have ever fit Quincy) and they were so close that Feouls were seen as Quincy Selfie stick when they are taking pictures because of his height(This was just a friendly joke amongst them and on the internet).

Feouls had his first track that blew so hard calling it “Watin Mapu Say.” This song trend and is still a great song, produced and master by Quincy B. From that moment Quincy B took hold to his friend and he encouraged his Manager to sign Feouls as an artist in Heart Beat Records. Did this happened? Nope, not till QB was gone to rest.

Feouls known as “My Jue Ehn You Spay” grew so fast and famous amongst all Quincy B friends that were close to him like brother after the death of Quincy. Feouls never went to Ghana with Classic and Jethro because he was not a member of heart beat records, but he was signed to a label record called Jungle Boyz and later left and got singed to another label record, and it ended again.

These guys entire opportunities for music grew wide base on peer influence for which Quincy B was like the light to their musical career than they themselves being a lover or so passionate about their own dreams for which they say they are musician or were musically driven by the desire to sing (because now, people hardly vibe to new hits or songs from them) as their careers or professions.

Faces Quincy B with his friends

Classic is rumored to with Money and Salvation where he’s not even seen his way through with a label record that has more fame in a manager rather than helping to push their career through the right way to make profit or make them blow every year in Liberia or for their music to even reach international level, but yet his rumored manager actually seems as a lover to good life and goodies while his artists are already gone down to the drain. That is if Classic is being managed by Koush Wills.

Jethro has lost completely from the score board as an artist. Running from his perfect lifestyle as a unique artist, he has been running from one place to another in search of a better life and nothing has yet happen. Jethro is a producer and an artist, but nobody hears from him till he’s ready to be heard from and nobody actually remembered him like when Quincy died, he actually had a great hit back then called “I want Eat My Own.”

Feouls is fighting to come back, but he’s held back due to his emotion set back from his own lifestyle that he have as an artist that has already made it, (he feels he has already set the standard to be a musician) but what has he made through his profession as a musician? That’s the question that should be pointed to him.

Was Quincy B their motivator or where Quincy B the reason they saw music as a good thing?

These artists are unique and has been doing wonderful even after Quincy B death, but what is wrong now that they are not even doing what people got to know them for?

Feouls is tied to good life and feel insecure as he tied himself to love affairs, Jethro is lonely and don’t believe in himself as a great artist, Classic believe he can do what he knows best and when he’s ready he can blow again.

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