(GL) – Augustus Siafa from voinjama Lofa County Country.
He attended School of Prime System and is currently on an internship at a famous printing press in Liberia. Augustus Siafa is someone who loves his privacy, loves acting and helping people in need. Growing up from birth, he knew he wasn’t one of the kids that he saw people saying ”you are born with silver spoon. Augustus hates being overlooked or judged on his physical appearanc, with so much talents he has in him, he has been afraid to exhibit it to the world with the fear of what family and friends will say.

BBL Contestant #29

This young man has turned down lots of golden opportunity to get him in the spotlight due to family pressure and peers only thinking they might laugh at him if he’s not successful in it or it wasn’t necessary to take a chance to do such. Augustus Siafa coming into big Brabee wasn’t easy because he doubted himself a lot of times thinking he was a nobody as compared to other contestants. He started building confidence in himself after the auditions, where he was the first to be chosen out of 20 contestants, BBL2020, his aim in Big Brabee Liberia is to create a TV Show on Tamma Television that will be solely for young people and operated by young people, this program will be directed mainly for educational purposes, entertainment for young and older people to help the flow of communication in a positive way.

The Youngest in the house of Drama BBL

Also as a philanthropist, he wants to help distribute face mask, hand sanitizer and bags of rice in rural areas which he started and failed to upload pictures due to critics. Shybof being in the spotlight but is willing to share his story to the world, that which he believes will help strengthen those that feels weak about themselves only because they are afraid to be laughed at. As you follow closely you will now get to see and find out what amazing person Augustus is.

Mr. Siafa is prepared for Big Brabee Liberia

How he’s going to give everything he got and to prove to the world that Liberians has hidden talents that the industry is still sleeping on due to them not having programs and also due to children who are afraid to step up their games please we will release more, but for now, please follow Augustus Siafa and support him through it his stay in Big Brabee Liberia