Ladies of today are not staying low as many women of the past didn’t. Continuity of history and being creative is not a thing we under estimate when it comes to the 21st century living, especially living among people who are dying to make their dreams become a reality.

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Far from home, Miss Fatuma Kou has been doing extremely well in writing books, doing crafty work as in arts, she has never had a bad day where she didn’t create a new thing to amaze people that wish to see something of mind blowing from her gallery, but it isn’t just seem easy as it is, something crushed in when while she was busy getting her life a meaning by living her dreams. Living in a far land from her home land Liberia, Miss Kou resides in Canada where she have lived almost all of her life as a Canadian, luckily for her, she found a lover.

She said ‘YES’, and was so excited to share her love story, after few days, she brought something very amazing to the public.

This time it is wasn’t just a book printed to make kids happy, or some art to make give a big meaning to a melting heart, but she brought before the big market something they can wear and keep as a brand among their various super wears in their closets, Kou had her art designed on few cold sweaters or we can called it Hoodie.

To see the beauty of this, she had five ladies wearing it to help in adversity what she made.

A piece of what has unfolded from Fatuma Kou Gallery. What next is the biggest question in her and head.

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