After saying men are sperm donors and they are not supposed to kiss their daughters as she condemn the act, Miss Karishma is out here kissing a baby in its mouth. This whole fight came about after her daughter’s father’, TFloyd kissed his daughter. They had a breakup, leading to the father of the child not having access to his child often, she even made a post where she stated that the father of the girl is irresponsible and can’t take care of his child, that he’s showing fake love to the public as if he cares. With the last line that says

No Mother Needs That Kinda Father In Her Child’s Life Until He Man’s Up!”

Now here’s the case of a celebrity (Karishma) talking against child abuse because a father kissed his daughter and now we have the same lady (Karishma) kissing a baby in the mouth as well. This is a big deal to others and it is also a little thing to some, kissing children is a normal thing, but the intent for which you are kissing the child is what matters if it is bad or good. Now let us look at the two ex’s kissing kids.

TFloyd Kissing his daughter, Royalty.

on the other hand we see Karishma kissing a baby for which we don’t know they gender.

Karishma Kissing a baby.

But here’s the post she made about kissing your own child as a parent, especially a father.

She stressed on mothers should protect their child/girls’ children in whatsoever way necessary, because you don’t know people’s intentions by what they say it how they present themselves, but here she’s also kissing a baby mouth in mouth. What could have been her intention as to a father kissing his daughter?

More details are unfolding as we follow the story.