I have been in the United States of America for over a decade now and one of the greatest things I respect the United States of America for is the U. S Justice System uncompromising attitude when it comes to the application of the LAW. After all the threats made by Henry Costa over the past weeks that have the propensity to create civil unrest in our country, I am sitting quietly and waiting to see the action our government will take the day he arrives in Liberia.

The way our government will response when Henry Costa arrives in Liberia will send a strong message that Liberia is a country of LAW, NOT MEN.I strongly believe the respect for the rule of law is the beauty and strength of every nation. We can’t have a country where people feel they can say or do anything to threaten the peace and stability of our country and expect to walk away free all because they feel they have people to jump in the streets at their request.

It’s Henry Costa right to disagree with the government but we can’t sit and allow him to threaten our fragile peace. Henry Costa has no idea on what we went through during the bloody civil war because he was a kid. Some of us who experienced the war and can write a book about the war will not sit and allow anyone to create any mess in our country. While it is true that we are facing serious economic challenges, it is better our poor people sleep in peace.

We don’t want another rebel leader again. When it comes to applying the Law to protect our fragile peace,I am asking the government to never spare the legal rod to discipline violators of the Law. If we don’t take serious action to send a message to people who have no respect for our Law, we will encourage a behavior that will one day turn Liberia into a lawless state. May God bless you and preserve our beloved country Liberia.

NB: Two of the many threats made by Henry Costa.

” The day I arrive in Liberia and the government makes any attempt to arrest me at the airport, the government should get ready to build a new airport.”

” We will shake the entire city for Zogos to loot and that will be the pay for the zogos.”

With all these threats, we still have some of our brothers and sisters in the United States of America contributing to his GOFUNDME to help him go and create civil unrest in our country. Sometimes I wonder if something is seriously wrong with the minds of many Liberians. Hard to learn and quick to forget. Henry Costa’s son is living good life in foreign land while he is trying to create a hostile environment for your children.

Mr. Varney Sackey