All charges have been dismissed by Criminal Court “C” at the Temple of Justice, from the case of the US$100 million cocaine case including money laundering, illegal possession and importation of controlled drugs, and criminal conspiracy.

This case came in on October 2022 when these men were arrested making such an arrest the largest drug bust across West Africa, and this arrest was made possible with the assistance of the United States security agency.

There were four names of defendants that were mentioned to be set free by court order on May 18, 2023, there were Oliver A. Zayzay, Malam Conte, Makki Admeh Issam, Adulai Djibri Djalo and others, the others.

With quick order by the judge to return the sum of US$200,000 confiscated during the clampdown, Judge Blamo A. Dioxin’s order was strict to the Liberian government.

Such judgment has made it indecisive to hold Liberians together in the case of drugs fighting against drugs and substance abuse. The population stands to still be affected by those bringing such substances into the country that is endangering lives, as a result, it has been really tough on the legislature to ensure that such crimes are non-bailable by law.

Photo Credit: Dakapana Twenty-Four News and Front Page Africa