Tattoos these days has become one of the most attractive things in the world, back in historical writings it was only for those in societies secret courts, as it was used at as a means to identify those that were in a certain society or kind of witchcrafts or some sought of evil thing to be identified by a mark of that kind.

Now, in the 21st century even pastors, mothers, fathers and lots of other people wear it in remembrance to a special thing, dates, names, and persons nearest to their heart and forgetting why it was looked at as an evil mark. The Bible spoke about it as something that is not good for the flesh. Leviticus 19:28

Suzan caption and writing on her hand

Amb DJ Weezy, one of Liberia most influential promoter, DJ, manager of one of Liberia’s two best artists, L’Frankie and PCK, got lots of tattoos on him that shows how important things are for him so he keeps them close to his mind and soul by writing it on his body as tattoos. He has the name HIPCO for life on his body and other little tattoos as well.

When the drama came out about him being a violent lover to his girlfriend Audrey (The CEO of Wow News Media and The Most Talked About Platform) who said she wasn’t beaten by Weezy but was involved in a car accident for which she managed to survive, and she said it wasn’t a form of domestic violence as people kept bashing at her lover and writing fake news that he’s a beast.

Weezy decided to show his woman (Audrey) that he has her deep in his heart, he came up with a tattoo written on his hand saying: ”I’ll keep you safe Audrey.” This was a Valentine’s gift for his lover.

Amb Weezy Tattoo a promising message to Audrey

Seeing this as a beautiful thing to do, Suzan an online talk show host from Australia came back at the lovers with a mark on her hand as well, but this wasn’t any tattoo, she wrote, ”I’ll keep you safe Stone.” There seems to be something else going on again, Suzan is known for strong form of controversial stories that can lead to a massive online drama that sometimes breaks relationship as it did between radio personality Karishma and artist Kizzy W and the list goes on, as the record has been recorded monthsback, Suzan and Audrey been having some fight for few things that haven’t been disclosed to the public but not for Weezy and Stone.

Now there seems to be another battle coming from Australia. 2020 has more than just 2019 March Madness approaching soon.