The issues of gay rights in Liberia is growing daily amongst few who see it as necessary and it should be allowed in Liberia, recently on the news, a doctor escapes from Liberia due to threatening remakes to him about treating gays at the hospital. A few weeks ago a house in sinkor was stormed by resident of the community when they overheard that 21 gays were about to get married at midnight, these last days, people see this as one of the worst abominations ever to be done among others who are seeking religious beliefs and their doctrine forbids that.

On numerous occasions, celebrities and online hosts, as well as promoters, have been advocating that it’s all human rights, that they should allow gay live free and have their life going as they wish. Today another big name on the social platform took his wall to write a status that encourages gay rights. Strong Gbana Pekin who always in the act of advocating for the right of people to seek justice for things that are not properly done to people by laws writes:

I strongly believe that Gays, Lesbians, and Bisexuals should be accorded the right to practice their sexuality in Liberia. If corrupt politicians are passing freely, how about people who aren’t stealing from anybody? And how does a person’s sexual orientation impede Liberia’s progress?

We need to stop sexual discrimination now!!! His direct words brought hard feeling and give him reactions that he never expected this time, his advocacy went wrong as his fans and follow twist back at the status.Will this make him be seen as a bad guy or will people still believe his advocacy is as good as it has been for others who had justice base on their actions?