Due to the latest or recent protests happening in Liberia, to be precise, Monrovia and it’s surroundings, there have been a series of writes up, posts on social media and live broadcasts relating to what others see as unjust act of the government not paying attention to the things that matter while the be spending money on other things that are not appropriate.

Titus who’s a Youth advocate/ youth activist with little political checkup in his struggle for the best to be done in his present society of the 21st century, where people overlook the importance of youth empowerment. He writes these words.

Liberians, let’s stand up now before it gets too late:
There’s now a known conspiracy under the Liberian National Police Boss, Patrick Sudue to eliminate peaceful protesters of non-disobedient civil gatherings: this means, police officers have been asked to fire bullet at peaceful citizens whose rights are downplayed. Please abide by these instructions before staging your protests:

• Avoid taking your child/children at huge public protest, they are openly vulnerable to police attacks than you adults, and are non avoidable to police brutality.

• Take with you cameras to record moments of your protest, and possibly capture police officers who are seen violently beating on peaceful protesters. Or ask a journalist to help out.

• There’s another deep conspiracy that has been made known; some members of the ruling political party are the ones who mainly instigate violence during these protests, be careful and report anyone who’s seen behaving differently from the protest’s plan.

• You have the right to “Freedom of information”, therefore, request for the batch number of any police officer who is assigned at your protest scene, so as to report unruly and unprofessional officers to the Standard Division Unit of the LNP.

• Avoid taking with you knives or cutlasses during your protest and report anyone who takes with him/her such unwanted items during the protest. Remember, your protest isn’t a coup d’etat!

• Be responsive to take away wounded protesters to nearby public hospitals! Do not entrust the police to provide first aid for your victims; they would cause severe injuries that may lead to death while driving the victim to the hospital. I am a victim!

• Avoid everyone speaking to the media; remember there are plotters who would love to send wrong messages of your protest or peaceful march.

• Take with you private security personal (if the need is) to observe your protest and relate to your unwanted behaviors that do not coincide with your plan.

Thanks for reading.
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