Gospel Musician Kanvee Adams came up saying that Amos Bah said she slept in his house. This seems to be a big issue with what he said about Kanvee. She wrote back saying:

My people your come o. Amos Bah has clapped back. He’s telling his followers that I slept in his house in Ghana. Dorgit!!! The man can lie. Bah you are shameless with no single iota of moral rectitude. You who have uncontrollable sexual appetite if I slept in your house wouldn’t you have raped me?

Kanvee Adams post

Should I start listing the number of homes you have broken from Ghana to America to Liberia because of this uncontrollable sex drive? O,you think we don’t know? Do you remember Silvia from Philadelphia? Should I remind you of what you did to her in 2009-2010? Should list women you defiled in your church? I challenge you to challenge my claims and I will come with evidences.

Bishop Bah Reply

Or should I mention the list of people you have scammed in the name of ministery ? Bring it on Amos Bah. I’m ready for you. This double face in the church must stop. You have committed so many atrocities and God will disgrace you. I’m going live tomorrow. Nonsense!

With this kind of news, people are even thinking different way about the pastor and the gospel artist.