TFloyd is going strong against Kizzy W jue that is always taking trips to him, in the year 2020 they were in Ivory Coast, Kizzy W was the man of the home but it’s like table have turned on TFloyd side, TFloyd is now he’s calling her his Sugar Mama.

What are these Nimba boys into.
Few months back TFloyd was saying he’s in a relationship with another yellow Machine, but wahala enter it and someone said the jue was his own and not for TFloyd, so TFloyd let go off that other jue, now he’s on Kizzy W yellow machine like Corona on our chest.

Who own this girl and why are the Nimba boys getting at each other this time like some history need to be erase of the book or need to be re-recorded.

From the look of things, these two guys are not too good with each other, if you look on their IG pages you can see that some real hide and seek been going on with deletions of stories and posts.