Over the past three to four years, Liberia entertainment industry has been pushed to realize that they need nothing more but creative people to fill up the gab of the ones that have abandoned the entertainment industry for self-interests. Getting a new Music Union leadership, a new Leadership for the movie union and other groups relating to entertainment are putting things together to make sure the issue of entertainment with profit gain is strengthening in our society.

The recent case between Talk Show Host/Blogger Suzan from Australia and Maurice (CIC) from Liberia, Lonestar Cell Ambassador; draw a long between bloggers and musicians and other stars in the industry. This brought a big play low on Music promotion, it shows out that people don’t want to do free things and get involved with a court hearing these days if they make a statement that will bring other people hard feelings.

As the entertainment shakes with terror for what to say and post, it brings an empty stage as to who’s the trending artist in Liberia, in Hipco, Trapco, RnB, Afro-Pop and the list goes on. The situation of being boastful burst in the air with Live videos on Facebook, Instagram and other self-recorded posts that were made to show who’s the biggest among all, this drama came in from the female celebrities. Breaking the bars of the prison lose, Suzan from G’s Lib came up with Live on Facebook address a situation that burst out commotion lose from Karishma and this got the hulling and pulling of Grace Love from Liberia Unite platforms as they all join in a nasty crash on social media, address the issues of age, complexion, beauty and who’s own Kizzy W, the RnB Pop artist (Story Relating to their (Karishma and Kizzy W relationship will be next). Their argument gives them the fans they desire, the audience they wanted and the stunt they wish for. The drama hasn’t ended, Star Power Cece Maintain burst through with another mighty blow on all celebrity in the industry as she went live making it clear to the public that she’s the richest celebrity in the industry (More on her assets will be out on the next article on her). Cece who everyone knows rock the Liberian entertainment few years ago and never backed down to anyone but later came to a peace talk with one of Liberia business lady, Christiana Taylor, that for which in the record of entertainment, she was the first to be taken to court and order arrest in Liberia after she came to Liberia for the first time after 20 years of long stayed in the USA, (How she got all the money she has now will be on her next article). Karishma and Cece Maintain are now the two big buddy in the industry when it comes to who have their friends back on the social media, they are siding to battle others, The question here is, Where and how far will it go? (Fans are asking).

Artists in another drama as to who’s the Dance hall Queen in Liberia, CanC is sending out a message to MC Caro, and Pillz is responding along with Faith Voinc, There seems to be a misunderstanding in the whole industry amongst the female stars.

There are many changes that came in since all the artists stop being promoted by 
their personal bloggers, they are not selling themselves anymore but belittling 
themselves to the fans and making a mockery of themselves to the entire world.” 
– A fan posted.