Women of our time were noted to be liability to their men to survive and make ends meet, but things seems to make a change as time changes and people learn that the gender base equality is not just a one way of surviving but something that everyone should be able to invest into fully, both male and female, especially couples.

Our females are pushing harder then we expected them to be, their status are actually improving and it is something that they are not just improving their lifestyle and hustles but they are giving respects to their partners and still doing the duties of a woman at home.

In a business interview with Maborkor S. Kamara who happens to be one of Liberia young female entrepreneur to fight the struggle to bring fashion to a big stage where she put the best and quality of wears on women in Liberia, she spoke to us about her beginning of her fashion city and how she intend to bring more to the city which will soon be an empire.

How She started
How such an Outstanding City of Swag came into existence is nothing but an example of sheer hardworking spirit. A spirit of wanting to live one’s dreams.
Maborkor has an interesting story worth emulating.
Just like most modern-day entrepreneurs who ventured into their lines of business in pursuit of their childhood dreams, Maborkor has experienced her own fair share of struggle in the business scene, too.

The infancy
Her rise to stardom was rather slow. Maborkor proved that patience was indeed a virtue as her childhood days in the entrepreneurial world.
Compared to her current business, Ladies clothes Business was not that profitable, financially. However, her sixth sense told her to keep pushing through. Maborkor kept her composure as she continued learning secrets of the trade, and also widening her customer base. She was super-intelligent.

My main aim was mostly to learn a few basics of this business and at the same time, having hands-on experience in handling customers.” She revealed.

Her determination was also being seen in how she was operating her business. Back then, she had no stationery shop. She used her car boot as a point of sale. She could be following customers wherever they were. It was hectic.

The Turning Point
Maborkor kept on pushing herself beyond the limit. She kept on selling her goods via her vehicle. She kept on following her customers wherever they at. It was so tiresome.

My early years in the business were very intriguing. I could literally be following where my customers and potential customers were. My car boot was my office. This is where I was ferrying and keeping my goods,” she recalls.

He Who Runs Away Lives To Fight Another Day (Bob Marley)

Maborkor’s strategy of using a car shop was not working to her expectation. She had to devise a new formula, and devise she did.
’Bon’ went on a sabbatical.

What she did was later to change her forever.

Her sabbatical lasted for some time. Later on, she started stocking the goods which she ordered from abroad, this was her job. Now, upon being satisfied that she had more than enough stock to kick start her next episode, she started hunting for a place to keep her goods.

Along the way, she also started adding some items like handbags, clothes, shoes, and other related material. After a few years, Maborkor decided to try the ” Fast Niko Better Than Slow Dime”technique. She then ventures into customize eyelashes business which today brought light to The City of Swag.

The Future

Maborkor is a living testimony of the manifestation of dreams once somebody pumps in efforts. Having seen her dream of owning a glamorous boutique of two materializing, nothing now can stop her from dreaming bigger. Her Dream is to turn Swag City into an Empire in the coming years, where she gonna endeavor into men outfits, an extension of more annex, and opening of her own clothing line.

Private Life And Advice To Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

Mabokor is a graduate of Cuttington University, married and blessed with two kids. Her aim is to build a fashion brand with a unique personality, great style appeal, that will become a leading, authentic, competitive, and reputable fashion brand on the global market. She advises emerging entrepreneurs to find what lights them up and do whatever it takes to make it happen! She further noted that ”You have to overcome the fear, Be consistent, Prayerful and it’s a lot of work but the rewards are fantastic.

The narrative above clearly shows that Maborkor’s journey to the rise has not been that rosy. It had been meandering but with determination and passion she was able to beat the odds! However, As she celebrates her birthday today we urge everyone to join us in wishing her A Happy Birthday and congratulation on the job well done over the past years!