It is getting nasty as the hours passes by, Miss Dolo made a post six hours ago with the tag Unapologetic referring to an unknown individual that owns a blog for which she had a breakup with her boyfriend. Even though whispers have been unfolding that the proprietor of Chichipoly Room’s long relationship with one of Floyd’s went bad, the reason why is the best knowledge to They Say and the Chichipoly them da can see and talk all Ya.

Blogger, Model, Chef Oumar Bah(Alpha Bah) couldn’t let this ride on a soft and smooth road without Miss Dolo getting a shake of the roads he has put herself into. Alpha came back at Wokie with a stronger hit but couldn’t do it without the mention of degrading other blogs for posting the Queen of Liberia, let’s say, the longer serving Miss Liberia. Who will not like to post about history?

This is how we see things thing gonna be for now. Only the one that has something to protect will back off from this rope that is being pulled.

We de watch and gossip it yah…