The level of embarrassment going on from the LMA to artists in and out of Liberia due to the present nominations of their upcoming awards has draw a big attention to the media, artist Bill Cole wrote few lines that need to be address. He said:

First I want to thank Every One That was nominated for LMA and to the LMA, you guys are trying but there are some things you should Check up when Nominating.

  1. You can not nominate an album that is not even on Spotify or bigger platforms for streaming, we should think big because outsiders are looking at us as well.
  2. You can not nominate international artist that has no impact in your industry that is so so wrong, some of these guys we talk to them and they down play our Entertainment then why will you nominate them, at least the once that collaborated with few of our artist should be nominated, with that we can also get good deals while talking to them on marketing in Liberia, please correct that for next year.
  3. You can not nominate someone as an artist of the year that has no album or even a hit song in that year, most of the artist are so lazy and they only depend on singles everyday if you a good artist we should get Ep or album from you in that year so you can be nominated in the category of Artist of the year.
  4. stop down playing international collaboration because the team of that artist spend so much and they are also selling our Liberia art to the out side world.
  5. Find people who do not have personal issues with artist and team because they bring personal issues on the table time for nomination.
  6. It is wrong to nominate a Dj that do not regularly play Liberian songs i do not want to call names but that category need to be checked well do not be fooled they only play Liberian songs on social media so you can be fooled and they used their jobs to scam artist abroad we have lot of prof.. please look in to that as well check personal life before nominate so we can all be careful on how we treat each other.
  7. I did not see any category for “Bloggers” and that is wrong these guys play an important part in this industry growing and getting up to this level, and they are the same people that will carry your show stories after your program so please work on that.

I will always support our entertainment for the better of our new generation to come so please improve because i will always speak out to correct your lapses, i pray that things get better next year….