Breaking the internet with a bad news isn’t hard, but getting people to believe it about certain personalities that’s the difficult part.
Bilikon Ent well known artist, CJay was this afternoon posted on a new blog page on Facebook called Boss Media News Liberia, they got the information that CJay stole a smartphone, posting pictures and detailing it as well.

Gossip Liberia reaching out to get concrete information about this happening we asked a few individuals that know about what happened and the story was actually true, but here is it.

At Boulevard Junction where the incident took place.

In Liberia, celebrities can’t afford a car or even a bike to ride, especially the ones that are taking the countries name so high, they are walking among everyone and most likely due to the lack of television to almost 80% of the citizens home, people can’t recognize their own celebrities or public figures, that means only those that are often on social media or do watch music videos on their smartphones know few stars when they are outside in the public, and for some reasons, you notice public figures that don’t have their own cars to move around are always wearing caps to cover their faces, this way they feel they can’t be bothered by the crowd or seen clearly.

CJay who’s currently under the banner of Bilikon Ent and one of the lead judge at the Orange Talent hunt cant steal a phone, that’s for sure what most people will say, some will even ask, what kind of phone is that so much for the artist to steal, we are talking about Cjay, the guy behind Boss Chicks, that guy that Can’t Get Enough of doing the best in music and making his people proud when it comes to singing good songs.

At the nearest police station that sits in a questioning position.

How CJay found himself in this?

The phone was stolen and it was a gang move, two men stole the phone, got on a bike and it was a never seen scene for them cos nobody could identify the thieves but miss identifying the individuals to Cjay who was also wearing a black shirt for which the person(s) in mind that took the phone was wearing a black shirt as well. This draws the attention of the motorcyclist officer to draw his conclusion that it was CJay that stole the phone(he never knew who CJay was at that time), jumped on Cjay, and started beating him, also alarming to the others that this is the thief. This incident occurred at the Boulevard Junction.

He was on his way to Lyee K. Bility who happens to be his manager, Lyee was at RCI – Truth FM where CJAY was heading to meet his boss and this incident took place.

The case is to be taken to the court while the motorcyclist security/ officer is in custody awaiting court proceedings for his act of endangering a man’s life without substantial facts and also hitting on a citizen unlawfully.

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