After the celebration of 172 years of independence, Liberians around the world are watching to see the next thing that will be looked at from the speech presented by the orator. Amb Leymah Gbowee who serves as an orator to this year independence celebration, giving her speech that went on with total silence at the Samuel K. Doe Sports Complex, on July 26, 2019, the speech she put together as she concluded on what she wrote months ago through reaching out to other Liberians, women, children, men and the general public, as her speech directly said, she got in contact with few citizens asking them questions, and their response was what brought her to the table of writing out a perfect speech for her people, the citizens of Liberia.

Her speech never went down well with a lot of citizens, because of partisan or some other political affiliations, that are left for other to decide on, you can see the emotional breakdown it sends to few citizens as they expressed their feelings on social media. Below are numbers of a screenshot on how citizens have been reacting to the orator speech.

There’s a gallery below, just scroll through and read the comments.

With these on the table, we guess the Orator will take her time to read through. But the biggest question here is, Don’t the Orator have right to write what she was asked to write or it was suppose to be in the interest of the political parties?