Innovative, serious minded and well established to make a very big touch on the Liberia entertainment industry.

Audrey has been in the spotlight since the last year of 2018 coming down to 2019. Miss Adam who’s the CEO and founder of The Most Talked About media group is taking over bit by bit as she storms the city of Paynesville with a Talent Hunt, where she gives the young people the opportunity to win cash prizes along with other great opportunities to showcase their talents to Liberia and the world at large.

At her talent hunt she shows so much level of trust in the organizers, she stayed as far as Australia and entrusted all the cash to be awarded to the winners and the arrangement of the whole program to the organizers, she showed a true spirit of willingness.

She’s stunning and boss move she shows it out

Audrey storms the internet last year with her new boyfriend who happens to be DJ Weezy, Weezy has always had the entertainment on his back, he stands to be the only DJ to tattoo the genre of Hipco on his back, his team is strong and his name speaks of itself as he brand others in a positive way.

Audrey is a soft speaking lady, attractive and is humble to the letter. Speaking of being productive, she’s currently about to establish something more welcoming then every seen from a female celebrity in Liberia or who’s a Liberian, living in or out of Liberia.

She celebrated her birthday, and lite social media with lots of stunning pictures.
The Most Talked About might be in the family way soon and this will be a piece of big news to let the world know she’s knotting a rope with one of our promising celebs.

Who’s The Most Talked About?
That’s the question that runs to your mind when you see the name or have read till you reached this far.

Take a look at her stand. That’s where you her name mentioned

The Most Talked About is an innovative woman, one with the ability to make things happen when spoken. She had so far set a big mark in the Liberian entertainment industry without too much of her face appearing everywhere or her name is mentioned throughout all media in negativity.

Her birth name is Audrey Mamie Adam, a mother as well.

There’s a lot more to read about Audrey on this platform. Keep following and be a fan of her to get more of this lady.

What do we expect next from her?