Music, It comes from our experiences, our lives, our cultures.

We often see this world to be a place were the worst happens to those who are not strong physically, but it isn’t so, the world we live in dies within us before we die out of it, but most time we are too slow to notice those that perished dies out of inner peace, love, happiness, self-love, endurance and all that a person can have from within before others give it to them.

The most reasons why we listen to what we have around us to heal us is because we need it, not things we want, not things we desire to keep out of our emotions, sights, and body, we don’t allow the sound we hear leave us, we don’t pretend to what heals us from within, even the blind nudge when they hear music, the cripple shakes their body parts that are capable of moving when they hear a sound that means something to them, even animals get in some easy moments when they hear sound and rhythms that matches their desires, Most animals probably react to pitch, volume, rhythm, beat but as sounds, not music. These were all created by men and it verifies that these elements are good for the spirit, it brings stability.

Liberians has been trying their best in all things of lately and gradually they are getting there. If you want to relax and feel happy and rest assure that life has a meaning to live on, there are few people you need to rest your work on, even though there are many others but these few are going to give you reasons to live on each day as your drive your car, work at home, having sex and even having a good time with your family, including your kids.

Let us look at DJ’s that don’t sleep to make you feel happy.

Spesh D’ DJ

Spesh D’ DJ: He’s young, fashionable, and devoted to his job, Spesh works at almost all the top bars, play at almost all the biggest events in Liberia, he never stops surprising his fans and getting more people to respect his style of mixing as a DJ. Achieving an Award was just the beginning of his career to do more great things.

Spesh D’ DJ is the most profitable DJ in Liberia for the past two years without anyone taking his spot. Spesh D’ DJ is known to be the 20th-century babies DJ, that’s how he came in, but now he’s like the DJ for all, he grew to know what the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s love best, he grew so fast when nobody knew he was there.

DJ Nelly

DJ Nelly: Many won’t understand why this guy seems to be topping the table all time, he did this for the past four to five years and remain the daddy of DJ that other young DJ’s are following, played on bigger international shows/platform where Liberians needed DJ’s to be feature on.

He played at government officials programs, he played at every event that has been established two years ago and is still playing places that only his name needs to be mentioned at before people come to dance. DJ Nelly success as a DJ changed his life and made him the man he is today, he’s focus and work at 99% behind the DJ desk since he became a DJ. He’s being looked at as the Champion for DJ tournament if there was anyone to be held, called him the DJ Guru.

DJ Pharaoh

DJ Pharaoh: A name most youngee don’t know, and can’t even recognize in the DJ business, but actually he’s the first of his kind to work in places none of the above DJ has ever wor. Golden Gate Night Club being the first biggest club in Liberia, he was the first choice at at that night club. His legacy has led him to serve on the board of international artists coming to Liberia where he serves as the only DJ to be recognized by top stars to shake to his mixing on stage and the way he does his intro.

DJ Pharaoh is still working as a DJ and presently at one of Liberia’s leading entertainment centers in the country called D, Calabash. He was the DJ that took onto DJ Blue years back and knock him off seizing his space.

These are the three DJ’s from the soil of Liberia that can’t be compare to anyone right now in the game, their styles are unique, though there are many other DJ’a but these three are legendary and are still in big place; when they play or whatsoever song they play, that spot, bar, party or event must be a great one to remember.

The Exceptional

The ears won’t be please to listen to anything that the body don’t react to in a positive way, these are people you should not stop listening to if you want to keep believing in Liberia music.

Eric Geso

Eric Geso: Started as a featured artist to make a hit, on the track “Number 9.” Geso grew so fast, traveled places, and came back to home and since then he has never stopped hitting, back to back he has giving Liberian people a real modern traditional sound to believe in. His style is just the best you need to remember that you can dance to your ethnic rhythms, even though he sings in English and his dialect, but his beats are all matching to Liberia cultural pitch, volume, rhythm, beat.

Teddy Ride

Teddy Ride: He cried to be seen, recognized and put in a spot that he even cried on his mother to tell her that “To Make Money It Na Easy(In Liberia Local Way of Talking).” Back to back Teddy Ride got the fire on, people never heard his song and won’t come out to dance to it, his style is unique and perfect for all ears, his match hasn’t been found in Liberia base on how he sings and put his storylines together, he’s exceptional and can’t be compared to when it comes to his style, his voice and pattern of music. Teddy is on the edge of becoming more popular in other countries then Liberia, because he sings way too different then the real colloquial style.

MC Caro

MC Caro: She’s not to be played with, she’s not just seen as a female but she’s called a King, which means she has sit on the throne of all female rappers and male rappers to be seen as their leader. She has the fastest growth in the Liberian entertainment industry.

Caro never had few things in her to be seen as the greatest female rapper in her time, so she was held back from winning awards that were all posted to be her’s till she grew to be more stylish and made a strong bond with her lyrics and her vibes don’t stop growing, she’s one of the best of all best to ever hear among the female rappers.


JSlught: He’s like the kid that believe in himself no matter how people think or even inspire him. His coming to the music industry wasn’t full of drama but it was full with passion for the game, he was actually blessed to be taken to where he went to sign a record deal to be an artist to Bonvee record. JSlught can’t be compare among his peer that sings in the same category he sings in, he’s a producer and an artist. His songs can be played anywhere and you will truly love it, none of his songs will get old listening to because the storylines he has in all of his songs are things that won’t stop happening.


CJay: This artist is a bomb shell, he explodes every time he sing a song, he bring down emotions and give out love to the lost hearts, he sings for all, family and friends, children and old. CJay as a Christ like child, he got more skills from the church and yes he’s good at what he’s doing. He has been the strong hold to Bilikon Ent name still holding up when it comes to them having an artist. His music never stop hitting once it drops and whenever it is played, like any of his songs are played, it brings the nose out of the crowd.

Boi P

Boi P (Lyrical PCK): Human and angels are not seen each other again but Boi P can actually make you see angles on earth when he’s done praising the ladies and making them believe in themselves. Boi P is one of the best artists nobody can stop or beat in any competition when it comes to his vernacular, he sings in his mother tongue so well, and this guy is not just a singer but he’s also a rapper. Boi P has made older men and women cry for their mother just by listening to him sing. He can’t be compare to and won’t lost any award if he’s nominated in a category with any other singer, unless he’s cheated.


Stunna: If soccers players where not noted to be great lovers to their partners with trust, I will strongly recommend ladies to not worry about a soccer star loving you, they are a honest lover, the example is from Stunna. He’s cool with words, and good at doing what is needed for everyone to vibe to. Stunna has won the hearts of many ladies in and out of Liberia, his music is a lesson type and a promising one to anyone last that love is real. One thing about his lyrics, they are so clean that even the kids can learn his songs without hiding from their parents.

It is a great piece to see and watch out for as these young artists are trending every year, they are putting out the best in collaboration with DJ’s and clubhouses. The fans are pulling in on their social media pages and youtube channels for updates on new music and videos.

Wait and see what comes out next for the Rockies as they are fighting hard to conquer the stars before them.