Being smart is a gift by itself. Everyone wants to be successful through everything they do, that’s the way the progressive mind thinks. In Liberia of recent, since entertainment starts to take another level of progress and branding has become one of the major factors that people are doing in their everyday lives. We all brand ourselves to be what we want people to see and know us to be in such a way we get respected for our identity and what we do for society.

Event planning is one of the trendings means of getting the country running with activities, from day to weeks, weeks to months and throughout a year-round.

Of recent, we have been experiencing a few of the best among the rest in event planning and it has been one of the attractions to the people based on their names. Their brand is seeking out good programs and they keep making progress in all they do.

Let this start with the little of which just starts to hit the scenes of event planning in the entertainment industry.

Her Royal Highness Entertainment and PR Event Planning Inc. This is own by Karishma, she’s working tirelessly to make her brand name stands up high among the rest that was there before her. She has been pushing through all sides of life to make things possible that will make her the number one event planner in Liberia in the entertainment industry. She’s presently the ambassador of Aqua Life Water, her brand name seems to go far as she keeps pushing through, linking with the media to make her work speaks out for her and the people she renders her services to, but she’s still pushing behind few that were there before her, she’s working with Anglers as the marketing manager on the Karaoke Night and event planner. To spice her dream up, she decided to get attached to the radio, as an online personality. It seems to be her life just started as she keeps pushing after others as she tries to perfect her dreams.

Spectacular Ent is far blowing then expected it would have reached of recent. Victor Polaries Boyenneh who’s the CEO of this little but great and stunning group is truly pushing harder than expected, His work speaks volume than any struggling young man that decided to do what he’s doing. Polaries blends along with other top-ranking artists and friends to support his initiative as he captures the industry with lots of big programs, always supporting others in their endeavors to be what they want to be, while he’s climbing to the top bit by bit. Spectacular Ent is working hand in hand with the second-biggest event planning entity in the country.

UPROK Event has been one of the best of the best for the youths when it comes to having events at the newest spots in Liberia, their events are just and always the first of its kind to Liberia, they are always working with top guys and girls in the country, when we say, top guys, it means, the most celebrated youths that make an event works with just less than an hour of posting.
Tmark Slak Korpu is the CEO of this fast-growing event planning organization. Their arrangement in the industry came with lots of competition amongst other events planners, they were the first ever to create a program that will make Liberia musicians get the respect they need through every part of the country, from county to county a program to uplift Liberia Music from the slum to the biggest crowd that need to hear it on one stage, They brought The Liberia Music Fest. The first Fest was held sometime last year and it was a success.

Double H Ent. What can we say when it comes to this name, all of the best of all the above, Hazem G Harb is the CEO of Double H Ent, the only organizer that never set his pen to organize any program and it wasn’t successful. He and his team, HoTT FM always been doing it well for the people of Liberia. Double H Ent is still topping the list of all events in Liberia. With Karaoke, Beach, Pool and other lists of events. Hazem is likely to be seen as one of the oldest in organizing shows and it is always a success, working with all to make sure Liberia entertainment is taking to the highest peak to be recognized worldwide. His shows are always successful. Double H Ent remains the best and number one event planner for what they do best.