Solomon Smith popularly known as Friday D’Legend born on February 16th, 1980. Friday D’Legend is an authentic Gbema/Tradition singer that has won the love and support of his many fans most especially our old mothers who dances to his songs.
Not to hinder your reading time, Gbema or Traditional is the real genre of Liberian music and has many legends who contributed to making it sound sweeter in the ears of the audience.

Friday D’Legend

In this piece of summary, we’re letting you know that Friday has contributed wildly when it comes to the traditional/gbema genre. After the Liberian civil disaster Friday The Cellphoneman as he was called back then but now he’s referred to as “Friday The Legend” was one of the prolific and consistent gbema artists who speaks inspiring and exciting messages to his people through his dialect (Grebo) not only his countrymen or women but the entire country.

Friday D’Legend

With how tactically and passionate he has about his tradition, he always remembers his elders and pays homage to them. When Friday dropped songs like My Baby, Play Your Low, Big Ma, Belle, Popowelee, Biggest, and Mistakes, it simultaneously took over areas like New Kru Town, Logan Town, West Point, Clara Town, and Doe Community. After he has dropped all those songs, he stand and kept the pressure by releasing Teldelwened and Simple Mistake which every club, entertainment center, Bar, and ghetto banging song. Teldelwened is one of his singles that brings a vibing feeling and zeal.
Friday is one of the Liberian gbema legends that stock to his flow without changing it. There is no biological traditional artist with hit songs than @fridaythelegend.

There were many other gbema artists but the upliftment and endurance of Friday to the spotlight hush them. He has a distinct and spectacular style of dancing which everyone admires.
Beautifully, after getting the spotlight Friday proved to the entire country what he was made up of and what he gonna do for the people to create more love for him and his music game. Friday wholeheartedly gives his inclusive notoriety to the music and pushes the Liberian cultures and traditions to the world. He supremely and gigantically contributed a lot of hit songs that set the country ablaze and has many younger and older ones singing and dancing to them as well.

Award Winning Friday D’Legend

Check out his latest album tagged “Biggest Mistake” πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡