growing industry. Liberians communities around the world are so interested in the entertainment life of our prudent stars who are fighting to make it to the A list in their field of specialties. Suzan who’s the boss lady of her own social media blog “Lib.Gees” is growing in the industry like wide fire. She came in the blogging style, but now she’s likely to be like a live show host where she addresses issues that she has concerned on and have a dialogue with her fans and other supporters online. Lib.Gees host actors, actresses, musicians, and the list go on. She’s pretty and a mother of one child ( A girl).

Months back Suzan was likely giving up on the life of celebrity lifestyle and the blogging life, but it’s like she got advice that she should continue what’s she’s doing since she’s the only female in Australia that is competing with the guys out there in the promotion. This Forbia cut her when she lastly stood on the same stage as co-host of the show that was hosted for CIC, after that she got worried and saw the criticism from fans and supporters as well as other stars in the industry, far and near.

Suzan name is rumored that she’s in a relationship with a Liberian producer who seems to be named as Stone Luckshine, it’s like they are keeping it on the low but true love never hide from any eyes. She has hit the gym with several pieces of training moves to drop the weight, she carrier before, she seems to be competing with other female stars who are taking their body goals so high as to attracts their fans to them more and what they stand for. That’s branding. Observing her page likes are reaching a trade make makes her more attractive in her acts. Suzan seems to be having some challenges that will knock her off the show if she doesn’t work industriously and very industriously as to not just work on Facebook Live but also in real life of a host who will generate income from her famous show.

Looking at her next Challenger, who is The Most Talk About who happens to also be a mother of three and a woman who’s in a relationship with one of Liberia determine promoter and Radio DJ, DJ Weezy, who besides an ambassador of Intellectual Property. The most talked-about is a beautiful lady, who’s pushing her way in the entertainment arena, and she’s not just involving herself with talk show on Facebook but as well she’s branding her self with her six-figure account for which she states she’s richer than most of the Liberian celebrities, and this might just be a direct move to few females in the industry. If she happens to get a divorce from her husband, she surely is standing on a great amount also. It’s not bad to read out to the USA.

We need to see our brilliant and vibrant pretty female blogger whose likely fallout backward in the industry with a lot of challenges that are coming at her, as she always takes a leave from Liberian’s entertainment life. Roda is a one size lady who took hold of the DanG sexual harassment, and people saw her going personal on that but rightly from the point of where she was standing it’s like she and other male artists are not too cool, and she’s a beauty that won’t take any mess in most cases. Roda body goals draw attention to her platform ”The Social Lyfe.” She took up this task and did more work to keep people together and make sure things went as observe, Roda is a Liberian based in the USA and she’s not moving as she were right after the saga of DanG continues posts relating to his accused sexual harassment that was just a Facebook noise. Fans are asking if their pretty blogger is no longer interested in Social life again. She wears clothes that bring guys hype up on the high level but she’s always saying she can’t date Liberian men. Till now she’s still shouting single in her middle 20’s. Is it like she’s pulling legs?
Cece Maintain, she took over the entertainment industry in a split its time with the help of all the great promoter who made her look like a diva. Her name was the talk of the time in every Liberia community in every part of the world. Cece who was the first female celeb to be famous in less than a year, she was a talk show host and also seen as an actress but now she’s no longer in the spot as she were a year back.

She opens her store in Liberia that seems to be running but most time close due to a situation known to her and her team. Fans of Cece are a concern and wondering why she’s a lost figure in the industry, they don’t see her on the red carpet, no flashing pictures, she’s not doing ads for stores that sell clothes or anything that brought the fans closer to her. Her body goals were one teasing thing for her male fans, everyone wanted a piece of Cece, the first female celeb to be taken to the law, her manager was also arrested and jailed once all in the case she created. But is DJ Weezy still managing her? Questions asked. A mother who an ex to a model, a lady who once fall to love with the lyrical PCK but it never worked well, Cece Maintain needs to maintain her statement as the ”Greatest.”