Living in Liberia, some says it is one of the hardest thing to encounter each day. Many Liberians are faced with less than a dollar United States Dollar to eat a day, while the prices of things are so high, no after-school jobs, no employment after studies, on the increase the citizens are faced with disadvantages every day to do things that are unbearable to think after being done just in the name of surviving. Liberia had turned to be a place where people are even afraid to study or obtain higher education because the only thing that most of them have seen is no jobs for the schooled, except being a politician or some beggar.

In Monrovia, the capital, hundreds of college students and opposition activists were in the streets protesting the high cost of living, alleged widespread corruption, unexplained deaths, and other issues. They also requested that President Weah fires Nathaniel McGill, Syrenius Cephus, and Bill Twehway, the three sanctioned government employees.

Below are a few pictures of the protestors, and we should remember it was held on a holiday which is known as August 24, National Flag Day, this sends a significant message to the world that it is so hard to even celebrate a day in Liberia anymore, the suffering is becoming unbearable.

All they are asking is for the country to be fix, as you can see in the banners, messages as, “Fix The Country,” “We Will Not Be Silenced, Fix The Country.” How do they want the country to fixed and what are they demanding to have it fix? These are the questions the leaders are asking themselves. We believe the answers are there, just fix the country.

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