Some crazy reality that might make you say “I don’t want to be like this other girl or guy.”

It has been on many occasion where Liberians have been getting hard on each other when it comes to being serious for life or with life instead of always asking people to do things for them which if they invest their time in they could even do better than those they beg almost every time.

Since the introduction of social media, most Liberians has been involved with tragic growth as youth and older folks, we have witness unserious beginnings and linking of fake lifestyle to many older people all in the name of being wealthy and rich on social media than in real life which has ended up in Go-Fund Me when issues of health and living condition get worst.

Liberians have gotten glue to TikTok so badly that they do the most to keep up with the followers and fans on the daily, but it has shown how talented most of them are, but how does these visual arts on TikTok gives income is the hardest thing ever to disclose from the most followed TikTokers.

A post was made about Liberian girls and Liberian boys, it’s not a complete fact but it is some how a reality to deal with… how touching has this made the day of many who don’t want to see such post as a reality. Do your followers on these application or social media platform give you the gate way to becoming who you want to be, or who the world see you as?

Many young girls has been caught in the spotlight of asking for gadgets which only the mirror can give them the value of what they have or their social media post, they fact that most ladies only want to use iPhone has become an international request to many and it has turned to the most common means to “To Get Her,” which many guys sees as the new trap, but it comes with class and grades, as the phone company increase its series from 8-13 and from max to pro max young women love for it increased, but do they have what it takes to get even the 6-7 plus on their own?

This is just the teasing article to the most reality one to come up next…

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