Growing up in Africa many people see it as a challenge to survive, while some see it as a place like no other place on earth, likewise growing up in Liberia some sees it as a hell hole to survive in, while others see it as a place like any other nation where opportunities are just different and you have to take it by all means.

Let us look at a few young men and women that refuse to be by the roadside begging. They stood up and took what belongs to them by force and today they are among those making the news among young people.

Dorris Irena King: Started in video scenes, (music videos) now she’s one of the most influential young ladies in the country when it comes to a brand of a lady to get your music video more attractive and getting more views. Her pure dark skin glows and makes both genders to smile at her natural beauty. She was first seen in a music video by CIC and LDrez called ”Modayma, ” next in a video with Stunna called ”Oh Lady.” Today Dorris isn’t just a name you mention without her peer saying ”oh! we know her. ” A lot of people asked her why she never contested for Most Beautiful Girl in Liberia when it started, she only replied saying, ” I could not because I had a lot to handle at home, school and family affairs that could not grant me the chance to get time doing other entertaining things at that moment.

Dorris is set to make a bigger move and she’s also a beautician and a makeup artist that works from home when called upon she makes her way through to make her own cash. She said she can’t sit and do nothing in a society that gives her all the opportunities needed to make ends meet. This lady is one of the youngest and most determined and well-focused lady that don’t let others make it happen for her always but she too plays a major role in her own success. The challenges are there as a young and beautiful lady, but she’s fighting temptation with her skills to survive.

Christian T. Quiah: Through all the years he been growing up as a young man he been struggling to make ends meet, the hard, the easiest and the way he thinks things gonna be done so he can survive, as a young man growing and love technology, craft and arts, coloring and bright lights, he decided to get in the IT field where he pushed his way through one of the biggest market places in the country. Christian commonly known as Chris Cross worked from the red-light market, where he did desktop publishing and also schooled at Starz Institute of Technology. Christian never had it easy growing up but he never allowed the thoughts of not able or not supported by family held him down. He pushed his way through meeting great friends (youths) that had a better mindset as him and as he pushes his way through life he grabbed success by its hands, and today he’s walking on a clear path with success. Christian worked with Gossip Liberia next with FrontPage Africa, as a man that can multi-task he’s also volunteering to other institutions around Montserrado county to make ends meet, Chris is no longer seeing Red-Ligh hustle as a day to day activity, he does see it as the path that brought him to the world. Fighting his way through he has always been humble till today’s date, he’s not rich or so famous, but he shows to others that you can help make a change in your life if your decision to follow the right friends and also you should stand by your words to be humble and honest in whatsoever you say you want to do to survive through.

Kenzo Debo: Everyone wants to be successful in their field, no matter what people say about a determined individual, he/she must make it through because they have a focused mind. Kenzo started working free for people to get his dream coming through; that way, he was learning how to be what he wanted to be, shot couples of free videos, took free pictures, and use his own resources to make people believe in his work, like paying his own transportation to get the job done, and using all means possible for his clients to like his work, he sacrifices his time and resources for years. Kenzo Debo is a young video producer and photographer that is becoming the talk of the town through his little efforts in the entertainment industry. He did Boifatty Video that got him(Boifatty) winning an award,  Kenzo shot almost all of Boifatty’s videos for him from that start of his music career in producing a music video. Other upcoming artists have used him to shot their videos as well and take photos for them as well. His concept in shooting videos is way professional then his appearance. He’s recently done a home video shot for Kizzy W and he actually works tirelessly to make this come through. Kenzo is now making ends meet on his own, nobody has to tell him to do what will give him money, he takes a success by its neck among his equal and he’s now called from one end of the city to make videos and take photos.

Alvin E. Johnson: started from being no one today he’s someone that gives out the best in the photo studio. Tenney Johnson studio is putting smiles on many people’s faces, especially the females. Alvin first started with a camera but today his success has pushed him to more than one camera. At first, he was only focusing on picture taking but now he’s doing both photographing and video production. His story is a kind that any young man or woman can learn from. Alvin got around the right youths that could push his career through with what they knew, not with what they have as in cash, but he asked everyone around him to teach him what he never knew till he got through, today becoming one of Liberia youngest photographers that live out of his job. Did he learn this from any institution in Liberia or out of Liberia? The answer is no. He learned by doing research online and by asking those that were already ahead of him. Starting at a young age he could not resist taking free pictures, that because he wanted to learn, that was the age where you have to give out free services to get your name going. Today Alvin works are everywhere on the web, he did domestic violence photographing, fashion magazine photos, billboard designs, and lot more. His studio name is Tenneh Johnson Studio. He’s another person that took success by all means and is working towards his riches.

Ezy Pain: People that make you laugh are very important in this life. Ezy Pain started with a youth-driven group called Adidas. They were mainly focused on entertainment and putting youths together for some other sporting activities that will bring unity among celebrities and young people in general. Later Ezy found out that he needed to take another path to push himself. He became a comedian, from that point onward he came through as one of Liberia’s best comedians taking the award from other comedians. Ezy is now working hand in hand with one of Liberia’s leading GSM company, Lonestar Cell MTN, he’s also an ambassador of Ma Ju restaurant and Shooters. Ezy could have been one of the youths that never saw their God-given talents, but he saw his own and put it to use. The same thing that made most of the other top-rated noticed young people in Liberia today is just the same thing that pushes Ezy through. He surrounded himself with influential youths, that no matter what they will help him reach his goals through their friendship, Ezy comedy videos and clips have reached far beyond his expectations. His success story is not so unexpected but it is one that other young men can learn from and make positive moves.

Patmol Cole: His love for fashion and design has taken him places he never dreamt of reaching in a short possible time. Patmol is not one of the young men that just wear what he buys, he can create it himself and he’s a tailor on his own. Most of the things he wears, he designed them by himself, Patmol came from being nobody to somebody through tailoring. He got all the necessary support he needed from people around him, and 90% of what he gets to get his work done came from his very own sweat and pocket. This young Liberian man is famous for his dressing and designing, he hosted one of the largest fashion show in Liberia and took his first biggest trip out of Liberia that gives him the better experience to do more designs that will match his peoples’ way of life. Patmol is one of the young men that can’t stop pushing through life because of where he find himself. He looks royal because he thinks royal and creates royal clothes for men and yes he can design for ladies as well.