It isn’t hard to be good or don’t care about anything, but it pays to look after your fellow human beings and make sure their wellbeing is taken care of when they can’t meet it themselves.

A group of Liberian Models are not sitting and just waiting to make the runway their homes and fashion houses their joyous place of career or professions, they have decided to break out of their separate lifestyle and join hands together as models to carryout some humanitarian works.

As the world is faced with the worldwide pandemic that is spreading and killing thousands of people around the globe and has taken the lives of 23 Liberians, out of 233 that contracted the disease, while the number of cases is still increasing and death is climbing up in Montseraado county every day by 1 death per day, these beautiful and handsome young models that thinks it is their need to help others in the ”Stay Home Stay Safe” method that was set aside to help fight against the spread of the virus, Coronavirus.

This initiative was organized by one of Liberia top model called Candace B. Sayon, she brought about 10 other models together to make this dream come through by uniting models and doing some productive work as one, under one umbrella called Models With Visions. Selerating themselves in two groups, one is in the USA headed by Candance and another team in Liberia, headed by Momo, as we generalized them as one team, namely are:

Momo Thomas Vaii, Delphanie Tinny Dassin, Caroline Konneh, Mooriah Angelbabe Duor, Delvin Oliver Cooper, Neva Wesley, Alexander Toe, Visionic Viladee, Anastaia Azolibe, and Tina M.J Hinneh.

Coming together as a team, they distributed food items to a resident of the slayway community, Benson street mosque and are also directing their help to other communities that need it as well as women and children and people who are disabled, under the name Liberian Models COVID-19 Awareness 2020. They are as well known as ”Models With Vision.”

There are few images of their good deeds and things carry out through their work.

Images of their last give away in Liberia. COVID-19 Awareness